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Four Signs That You Have Been To Heaven
The philosophy that advocates that humans are sent either to heaven or hell after death is very old yet popular. But how do we know where we were sent in the previous birth? How do we know that we came to ...
Chanakya Niti Four Qualities That You Have Been To Heaven

Love Story: How Destiny Connects Two People
Marriages are made in heaven, or so they say. However, in the Indian context, marriages are celebrated in all pomp and show. In fact, it will not be an exaggeration to say that a father saves up a lifetime of his ...
Beyond Heaven And Hell
To seek God for God's sake alone is true seeking. A short story of a great Sufi saint, Rabi'a, explains the aforesaid truth.Once people saw Rabi'a running with a burning branch clasped in one hand a pail of water in the ...
Heaven Hell Sufi Short Story
Give Your Garden A Celestial Make Over
Gardening is a sure way to help you de-stress. Many people like to opt gardening as their hobby as they feel it is the only way where they can spend time with our beautiful mother nature and bask in the sun ...
Carry Heaven In You!
A small story:One disciple kept asking the master, ‘Master, where is paradise?’Finally one day, the master asked him, ‘Do you really want to know?’The disciple sat up and said, ‘Yes!’The master said, ‘Alright, my first disciple Hemachandra is in paradise.’ After ...
Carry Heaven Paradise Within
Korean Energy Healing Attracts Indian Minds
Traditional Korean energy healing art has caught the fancy of people in Shimla.People from Shimla and other parts of Himachal Pradesh recently took part in a camp where South Korean experts of ''Won Ki'' energy healing art treated them.Energy healing expert ...
Face Of Jesus Appears On Banana Peel
Lisa Swinton from Haberfield was shocked to discover the face of Jesus Christ on a banana peel."I got it out of the fruit bowl and was about to peel it and eat it when I saw the face of Jesus," said ...
Lisa Swinton Holy Vision Jesus Christ
Gratitude The Ultimate Offering
A small story: A teacher once asked her students, "Can anyone tell me where you think hell is?" After a long silence, one girl stood up and replied, "In my Dad's study, Miss." The teacher ...
Human Heart, The Empty Bowl
The human heart knows no content.A short story illustrates the truth of discontentment of the human heart. In the olden days it was a honour to respect sadhus. One morning a sadhu (renunciate) reached the gates ...
Human Heart Short Story Love God Greed
Losing Fear And Conquering Greed
I have talked about spirituality and religion earlier. Spirituality is about liberation, whereas religion, as it is understood and practiced, is about control. At the lowest level religions tend to control through ignorance and blind belief. They do not wish to ...
Heaven And Hell
From young age, we have been taught that heaven and hell are geographic locations outside us. Be very clear: heaven and hell are not geographic; they are purely to do with your own disposition, with your own mind. ...
Paramahamsa Nithyananda Heaven
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