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Hair Care Tips

Are You Making These Hair Oiling Mistakes?
What a bliss getting a champi is! Oiling your hair is considered to be one of the best hair care treatments. Acing the list of ‘Nani ke nushkhe', hair oiling can sprinkle life back to your dull, dry and damaged tresses. ...
Hair Oiling Mistakes You Might Be Making

Useful Tips To Care For Scanty Hair
It is a blessing to have thick and luscious hair. But, not everyone is lucky to have long and healthy hair. Long or short, thick or thin- your hair needs care. But, when it comes to scanty hair, your hair care ...
Old-School Hair Care Tips For Long And Beautiful Tresses
In our hoard to have the best hair possible, we often forget that our mothers and grandmothers enjoyed long and luscious hair. And that too without the expensive hair products and treatments that we expose our hair too. That ...
Old School Hair Care Tips For Long And Beautiful Tresses
6 Tips To Restore Severely Heat-Damaged Hair
Straighteners and curling wands have made our lives so convenient, right? Doing the hairstyle of your choice has never been so easy. Whether you want to rock the straight hair look or flaunt the luscious curls, you can trust the heat-styling ...
Get Navratri-Ready With This Easy Beauty Guide
Not everyone is a skincare or haircare junkie, but we all do want to look our best for the festivities. And with October, we have officially entered into the festival season, starting with Navratri. The last few months have been ...
Your Beauty Guide To Get Navratri Ready
The Correct Order Of Applying Hair Products
So, you have mastered your skincare routine. Then you must know how important the order of application of skincare products is. By that we mean that there is a specific order to apply the skincare products for them to work the ...
5 Major Tell-All Signs Of Dry Scalp
No one of us has been lucky enough to escape from hair problems. Hair problems really never go away. You deal with one and there is another one coming smack right at you. When you are going through hair problems, it ...
Signs Of Dry Scalp
How To Fake A Thicker Hairline
Receding hairline is a cause of major concern for many women , especially those in their 20s. The bald spots peeping through your ponytail and half-updos can make you really conscious. We try various hairstyles and hair accessories to hide our ...
How To Fake Thicker Hairline
Tips To Restore Shine To Frizzy Hair Naturally At Home
Yes, frizzy hair can make it managing your hair a nightmare. But, the problems of frizzy hair run way deeper than you would like to think. Frizziness in the hair is mainly caused by lack of moisture in the hair. The ...
Tips To Restore Shine To Frizzy Hair
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