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Corn Fritters: A Crispy Snack Recipe
Corn fritters is one of the best snacks recipe, as it is one of the quick and easy meals that can be made without much trouble. Corn recipes are liked and relished by all. And corn recipes are even liked by ...
Corn Fritters Recipe
Aloo Pakora With Poha Recipe
Everyone loves to munch on snacks. Be it a vegetarian snack or some non-vegetarian dish, food lovers just need an excuse to pick up snacks. While drinking you need a snack or while watching a movie, you need something to munch. ...
Garlic Potato Fries Recipe!
Fries are tasty junk snack which everyone loves even after knowing the fat and calories content in fries. Potato fries is one common recipe which is found in every fast food center. To add taste to the potato fries, you add ...
Garlic Potato Fries Recipe
Banana Chips Recipe – Tasty Onam Snack
As we all know banana chips is a Kerala crispy delight. The fritters are fried or even oven baked. On the occasion of onam, here is a simple banana chips recipe that can be enjoyed with onasadhya or even relished like ...
Moong Dal Pakora Recipe
Moong dal pakoras are tasty and spicy. This moong dal pakora recipe consists of not only moong dal but also vegetables. Check out the moong dal pakora recipeMoong dal pakora recipe:Ingredients 2 cups split moong dal1 cup chopped oniongreen chilli ...
Moong Dal Pakora Recipe 220711 Aid
Soya Sausage To Get Enough Of Bacon And Fried Sausage!
Always worried that you cannot get enough of fried sausage and bacon, and giant plates of steak during a healthy diet? Here is an alternative for you-Soya sausage! Besides being sumptuous, the revolutionary food item makes a person ...
Brit Youngsters Clueless About Their Traditional Foods!
London: It looks like older Britons have not been successful in passing on their culinary heritage to the new generation, for according to a new survey, the nation's youngsters are completely clueless when it comes to their traditional foods. ...
Culinary Heritage Britons
Enjoy The Taste Of Deep Fried Delicacies
Deep frying locks in flavor and develops great texture in cooking. However many people avoid deep fried foods, due to the fear of many health problems that become a part of life within a fraction of years. But, if you want ...
Tasty Ragda Patties Recipe
INGREDIENTS : 4 Bread slices4 Potatoes, Boiled and mashed1 tsp Coriander Leaves1 tsp Meethi Chutney1 tsp Green Chutney1 tsp Roasted Cumin Powder1 tsp Chili Powder2 tsp Onions, Chopped1 Cup White Peas, Soaked for 4 hours1 tsp Turmeric powder1 tsp Amchoor ...
Ragda Patties
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