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11 Ways To Cope With Anxiety During Coronavirus Outbreak
Due to the coronavirus (COVID) outbreak, millions of people are working from home; malls, schools and other public places are closed to prevent the risk of contracting this new virus. During a pandemic, feelings of fear, anxiety and sadness tend to ...
How To Cope With Coronavirus Related Anxiety

NCBS Study Reveals Stress Can Affect The Removal Of Fear Memory
A recent experiment on rats shows that chronic stress can have several significant effects on behaviour and brain morphology. A group of researchers from National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS), Bengaluru, conducted a study on male Wistar rats. According to the ...
15 Foods That Cause Nightmares
Does food cause nightmares? Are you someone who experiences nightmares frequently? If that disturbs your sleep quality, have you wondered what could be triggering those bad dreams? Nightmares and bad dreams are not just the culmination of your day-to-day activities, anxiety ...
Foods That Cause Nightmares
Dealing With Pregnancy Fears: For Dads To Be
When we talk about pregnancy, it is the mother to be that often comes into the picture. Dads take it to the background and their doubts and fears go unanswered and unnoticed. Starting from the moment that they learn about their ...
Does Fear Turn Anyone On? Why People Get Into Kinky Stuff?
Though some people like to stick to what's considered normal, some people love to experiment a lot in their physical relationships. When the regular stuff becomes boring, that is when some people try to experiment with the fear emotion in the ...
Why Does Fear Turn You On
Have You Heard Of The Scary Disorder – Nyctophobia?
As humans, we have a number of emotions, without emotions, it is in fact, impossible to be human! Emotions separate us from rest of the animal species. Love, hate, joy, sadness, like, dislike, lust, disgust, fear, etc., some of the most ...
Weird Phobias That People Have!
We all have phobias, though we bet none of us are sure of all the phobias a person has. Some of the phobias are funny, while some have a traumatic experience that a person can ever witness. Here, in this article, ...
Weird Phobias That People Have
Why Do Women Get Dreams Of Pregnancy
Have you ever dreamt of having sex or all your hair has fallen off or you have reached somewhere naked? Well, these dreams are quite common and can make you laugh when you wake up. But, if a non-pregnant woman suddenly ...
What Causes Panic Attacks In Kids
Anxiety is rather natural and kids, like adults, have anxiety about any number of things, that they manage with no real issues. When a child's anxiety is so intense, irrational and drawn-out that it interferes with his capability to function properly ...
What Causes Panic Attacks In Kids
Why Some Men Are Scared Of Women?
Yes, some men have a fear of women, and that fear is known as gynophobia. In fact, some men are specifically scared of beautiful women. Also Read: Hidden Secrets Behind Love And Lust Don't confuse fear with hatred. Men who ...
Powerful Ways To Overcome Fear And Anxiety
At some point of time we all have got scared, or the fear has gripped us in such a way that it does affect our mental balance. Having fear and not letting go of it can only hamper your mental state. ...
Powerful Ways To Overcome Fear And Anxiety
Symptoms Of School Phobia
Some children hate to go to the school. They try to avoid it as much as they can. Some children even go to an extent of developing fear. This is called as school phobia. What are the symptoms of school phobia? ...
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