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Junk Food During Pregnancy: Good Or Bad?
Cravings are as normal as morning sickness and tiredness during your pregnancy. Pregnancy food cravings are commonly observed during the first trimester of the pregnancy. Out of all the foods, the one that tops the list of pregnancy cravings are junk ...
Fast Food And Junk Food During Pregnancy Good Or Bad

Beware! 13 Disadvantages Of Junk Foods You Probably Didn't Know
Everyone loves to gorge on junk foods, especially children who don't have the willpower to resist the temptation. A study revealed that children who watch junk food advertisements increase their risk of unhealthy food choices, which they make within less than ...
Do You Know About The Cancer-preventing Pizza?
The Mediterranean diet is thought to be one of the healthiest forms of diet for numerous years. This form of diet comprises unsaturated fats, sufficient amount of nutrients, and delicious and mouth-watering food. Through many decades researchers observed that this Mediterranean ...
Do You Know About The Cancer Preventing Pizza
Eating Fast Food Can Affect Women's Fertility, Says Study
New study has suggested that the foods women eat could be tied to their risk of infertility, especially fast foods. Researchers found that eating fast foods could affect women's fertility. Also, adding to it, not eating enough fruits was tied to ...
9 Proven Ways To Never Get Diabetes
The word ‘diabetes' has become so common in our daily vocabulary today, because it is one of the most prevalent ailments in human beings! When we think about it, most of us would know someone close to us who may have ...
Proven Ways To Never Get Diabetes
Chicken Bunny Chow Recipe
A South American fast food dish, Bunny Chow is gaining immense popularity in the Indian kitchen. A bread loaf filled with curries, sounds interesting, looks interesting and surely is worth a try. Bunny Chow is loved by Indians in Durban (its ...
Why You Can't Say No To Junk Food?
Especially junk food that contain too much of salt and sugar are very addictive. Researches have proved that women find it more difficult to get rid of junk food cravings than men. Junk food addiction is very harmful to the offspring, ...
Why You Cant Say No To Junk Food
10 Indian Street Food Indians Can't Live Without
Street food is something we all have tried at least once in our life. Many of us swear by the tasty and mouth-watering food that our local 'thelewala' serves. Be it Kolkata's famous kati rolls or South India's dosa, everybody loves ...
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