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Beware, Conjunctivitis Is Here
Conjunctivitis is commonly known as pink eye. Its definition states, "Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye. Conjunctiva is the thin clear tissue covering the white part of the eye and lines the inside of the eyelid." Conjunctivitis ...
Beware Conjunctivitis Is Here

Things To Know Before Putting Eye Drops
Eye drops are a must for patients who have undergone surgery. They are also a must for those who are suffering from eye infections and other eye related problems. Eye drops are also used to treat dryness and for many, eye ...
Vitamins & Tips Your Eyes Will Love!
Just like how your skin needs pampering, your eyes too need a lot of care and love. Eating the right type of foods and feeding your tummy with the right amount of vitamins will help keep your eyes healthy and bright, ...
Vitamins And Health Tips Good For Your Eyes
How To Treat Dryness Around The Eyes Naturally At Home
It is a well-known fact that the skin around the eyes is highly sensitive and thus prone to dryness. Not keeping this part of your face well moisturized and hydrated can lead to various unsightly problems like dryness or flakiness, puffiness, ...
Home Made Eye Soothing Gel
Although eye fatigue is rarely a serious condition, it is still quite a common and annoying situation. There are several activities that require intense use of our eyes, such as long periods of reading, driving or looking at computer screens as ...
Home Made Eye Soothing Gel
Best Ways To Improve Your Child's Vision
Eyes are the windows of our body. It connect us with the world. It is important to understand the principle of vision and how brain uses this visual information. Even if there are no significant eye and vision problems in children, ...
Simple Ways To Maintain Luscious Eyelashes
Every woman desires for luscious eyelashes. During makeup, women tend to ask if there is a way to make the eyelashes a bit thick and interesting. The eyelash marks up the face of a woman, and makes her look beautiful and ...
How To Maintain Luscious Eyelashes
10 Tips To Protect Eyes From Computer Strain
Have you noticed that an increasing number of people have started wearing spectacles these days? Being hooked on to computers, laptops, mobile phones and tablets comes at a cost. The price of using technology is being extracted from your eyes. It ...
Colours That Are Good For Your Eyes
If the colors are not ideal, you may actually cause strain in your eyes. It is always good to look at colors that soothe your eyes lest you should have a bad headache or some other eye problem. Most people tend ...
Colours That Are Good For The Eyes
6 Foods That Cause Dark Circles
Tired of applying under eye concealer just to hide those dark circles? There are many causes of this skin problem. They are mostly caused due to lack of sleep, stress, dehydration, pigmentation, anaemic tendency and unhealthy lifestyle choices. It is ...
Exercises To Improve Eyesight Naturally
Weak eyesight is a chronic problem these days. Earlier, people had to use spectacles after a certain age. But now, even small children need spectacles as they suffer from a poor eyesight. It is said that lack of a healthy diet ...
Exercises Improve Eyesight Naturally
Remedies For Burning Eyes
People can suffer many illnesses without complaint, but not the afflictions of the eye. This is because the eyes are our windows to the world, our primary source of information. Burning eyes mean red, itchy or irritated eyes. There are many ...
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