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Dog Helps His Owner Earn Money By Posing As Statue
Dogs top the list of the most affectionate pets and are also man's best friend! From fetching the ball to the grocery bags and jumping in the water to save their owners, they just do their best to help their owners. ...
A Bulldog Swallowed 19 Baby Pacifiers!
Both a pet and a baby need constant attention. When you move away from them, there are high chances of accidents happening. This case is an example of that. The owners of the pet did not realise that the missing pacifiers ...
Bulldog In Boston Swallows 19 Baby Pacifiers
How To Keep A Dog From Smelling In Between Baths
They say that a dog is a man's best friend. And rightly so, who else would wait for you to arrive home eagerly and pounce on you to welcome you? Our dogs are our life. Spending time with them will help ...
Dogs Don’t Like You Doing These 8 Things
There are ample things you're doing right now that's driving your dog nuts. And the most ironical part? You might not even be aware of doing them. Sure, your dog is your best friend. And they even tolerate your or ...
Things We Do That Dogs Dont Like
Owning A Dog May Make Elderly More Active
Owning a dog may help older adults meet physical activity levels recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) of at least 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity, researchers suggest.The study showed that dog owners aged 65 and over spent ...
Why People Love Dog Over Other Pet Animals
When you have a pet, there is a companionship that grows between you two slowly. Whether you have a cat or a bird, there grows a sense of mutual understanding. But, when it comes to dogs, it is not just understanding ...
Why People Love Dog Over Other Animals
First Aid Tips After A Dog Bite
Having a pet means you have someone who can bestow unconditional love on you. And if your pet is a dog, you don’t need to search a best friend outside your home. But keeping a pet means you have to take ...
Weird Things Dog Owners Do
Ask a pet lover about their dog. They will probably say that no words can explain the love for their dear doggy! There are many dog owners who are crazy about their pet dogs. They are always ready to do whatever ...
Weird Things Dog Owners Do
10 Things A Dog Teaches Us About Life
Dogs are perhaps the most loyal of pets. Dog owners swear by how it is a part of their life, much like family. They make faces, they rip your shoes apart, they take a dump in the middle of the living ...
How To Keep Your Floor Clean Of Dog Hair
Floor clean of dog hair, is a sought of a problem for all dog lovers. Everybody loves their pets and If you are a pet-friendly person, you experience how amusing, enjoyable and adorable a pet can be. Establishing a good attachment ...
How To Keep Your Floor Clean Of Dog Hair
5 Signs To Tell If A Dog Is Sick
Just like humans, dogs too can get sick. The change of weather, certain food habits, allergies and so forth can cause them to feel weary. These signs that a dog is sick will make you aware that a vet need to ...
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