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8 Best Natural Remedies To Treat Receding Gums
Receding gums is a common form of gum disease, a sign of periodontitis. This condition mostly affects adults who are over 40. It occurs when the gums pull away from the surface of the teeth and expose the root. Several factors ...
Natural Remedies For Receding Gums

Follow These Remedies If You Hate Flossing
Flossing your teeth every night before you sleep is important.A study was performed on participants recently. The participants chewed sugar-free gum for up to 10 minutes. After analyzing the masticated chewing gum, researchers found about 100 million bacteria trapped in each ...
Follow These Remedies If You Hate Flossing
8 Ways To Improve Dental Health Overnight
“Even Superheroes must brush their teeth”, as the saying goes correctly; taking proper care of your dental health is extremely important. Your smile is the first thing that the onlookers will see. And having a perfect oral health can gift you ...
Home Remedies For Tooth Ache
Dental care is important for everyone. Only healthy teeth and mouth can help you eat well. Tooth pain is one of the most painful aches. So you should be prepared with some home remedies for tooth pain. Remedies to cure tooth ...
Home Remedies For Tooth Ache
Best Healthy Alternative For Toothpaste
It’s all about going natural these days! With the arrival of cosmetic dentistry you would find a lot of people opting to go in for teeth whitening. While it is a good idea, it will not help your teeth in the ...
Vital Signs Of Healthy Teeth
Teeth also signify the overall health of the body. The signs of healthy teeth have also depicts the overall condition of our body. Our teeth need to be health. Strong teeth help in proper eating and stay for a long ...
Vital Signs Of Healthy Teeth
Dental Care For Your Puppy: Tips
You just got home a new pup! Like every new owner, you are as excited about its well being and have been following all the possible routine for its health. You have even started buying food that’s nutritious; you just set ...
How To Remove Tea Stains from Teeth
Two of the most popular beverages consumed worldwide are tea and coffee. But all tea and coffee drinkers worry about one thing - how can you remove tea and coffee stains from teeth. Do they really stain your teeth and rob ...
Tips To Remove Tea Stains On Teeth
How To Care For Sensitive Teeth?
Have you been experiencing discomfort when consuming cold/hot products like ice creams or coffee? Do you feel a sudden pair when fresh cold air passes through your teeth? You could be suffering from what’s called sensitive teeth. There are plenty of ...
Ways To Cure Toothache: Home Remedies
Anyone who has been through the agony of having a toothache knows it is one of the worst pains in the world. Toothaches occur when the extremely sensitive central portion of your tooth becomes inflamed. The reasons could be many, ...
Ways To Cure Toothache Home Remedies
Glowing Teeth Tips For The Perfect Smile
It is everyone's dream to have a set of pearl white teeth. But we are all caught up in the rut to have a fairer face or better hair. The cosmetic beauty of our teeth doesn't ever strike us as important. ...
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