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Headache After C-section: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment
C-section is a surgical procedure to deliver your child. The anaesthesia provided to you just prior to surgery might have its aftereffects - one of them being frequent headaches. The stress of childbirth might worsen the episodes of constant headaches. Caesarean ...
Headache After C Section Causes Symptoms Treatment

Myths About Normal Delivery Busted!
Are you expecting your little bundle of joy soon? Then you must already have your mode of delivery planned. Though it is not really a choice given to mothers nearing their due date, most expectant mothers in the 21st century are ...
Hypnobirthing Technique: Everything You Need To Know
After positive parenting, the concept of positive childbirth is slowly gaining popularity. This method focuses on a stress-free, natural and painless childbirth without any medical intervention. Pregnant women nowadays go through a lot of stress when they think about what will ...
Hypnobirthing Technique Everything You Need To Know
What Is The Bradley Method Of Childbirth?
In this age of gender equality, the roles of individual parents are slowly diminishing. Not only are the responsibilities of parenting equally divided among both the parents, but the fathers are also a huge part of the pregnancy process as well. ...
What Should You Know About The Lamaze Technique Of Birthing
Gone are the days when expecting mothers were expected to sit at home all day in order to avoid problems in their pregnancy. Nowadays, expecting mothers have a variety of programmes that they can attend, which will help them deal with ...
Lamaze Birthing What You Need To Know
What Is Delayed Cord Clamping?
Long before hospitals became mainstream, midwives used to assist the mother to deliver her baby safely. There were certain practices quite common with the midwives around those times which would ensure the delivery of a healthy baby and the health of ...
Can You Give Birth Naturally If You Have Genital Herpes?
One of the biggest concerns in a developing country with lack of proper sex education is the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, otherwise called STDs. STDs in women can make the process of conceiving very difficult. Some known cases of STDs ...
Can You Give Birth Naturally If You Have Genital Herpes
Recovery After Vaginal Delivery - What To Expect?
They say that the most difficult part of pregnancy is over after delivering your baby. But they certainly forgot about the postpartum issues that a mother faces after giving birth. Most of the time, pregnancy is all about the baby and ...
What Does The Baby Feel During Its Birth?
When in labour, we do know how a woman feels. The account of pregnancy and labour can very easily be known from the words of a woman who has gone through it. But, have you ever wondered what a child would ...
What Does The Baby Feel During Its Birth
Natural Birth Vs C-Section: Pros And Cons
When you think of labour, pain is perhaps the first thing that comes to your mind. The contractions that help the cervix dilate and push the baby forward cause immense pain. The actual act of the baby coming out too The ...
Is Ghee Helpful During Pregnancy For Normal Delivery?
Discussing from a medical point of view, not all food items are suitable to be consumed at all points of time. The reason for the same may vary, depending on the physical state of the person concerned and whether he or ...
Does Having Ghee Help In Normal Delivery
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