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11 Natural Remedies To Treat Cough
For many of us, a change in the season means the bouts of cough and cold are not too far. Hoarse voices, runny noses and even sore throats are something that are quite frequent and common. However, it may be quite ...
Natural Remedies For Cough

14 Fascinating Benefits Of Mace Spice (Javitri)
The spice mace is obtained from the red coloured aril of the nutmeg seed. The seed covering has a flavour similar to that of the nutmeg, but mace has more of a delicate flavour. The saffron-like hue of the spice gives ...
Croup In Babies: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment
If you are one of the moms who plan ahead for the arrival of the winter season and start your kids on regular doses of immunity-boosting foods to fight off diseases, the season may not be that troublesome for you. But ...
Croup In Babies Causes Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment
How To Decode Your Baby's Cough
If you are a parent of an infant or even a toddler, the well being of your child would be of utmost priority to you. This happens especially due to the fact that babies or toddlers may be prone to illnesses ...
How To Cure Cough At Night In Children
The monsoons are lashing all across the country. While the weather spells a disaster for us working parents, the kids surely know to enjoy a gloomy rainy day. The rains pose a lot of health problems for both the adults and ...
Home Remedies For Cough At Night In Kids
Can Vaccination Be Given If Your Baby Has Cold Or Cough?
Every parent wants that his or her little one should be well immune to deal with the challenges of life. The most common challenge that affect almost everyone (from the cradle to the deathbed) is that of illness. Thus, as parents, ...
15 Home Remedies For Cough In kids
kids below the age of eight are more prone to catching cough and cold. As they play outside a lot, it becomes difficult to keep them protected from infections and flu. Although the market is loaded with antibiotics, a mother should ...
Home Remedies For Cough In Kids
9 Surprising Facts About Common Cold You Never Knew!
Most of us would have experienced a common cold at least a few times in our lives, right? Common cold is one of the most prevalent conditions among people of every age and gender around the globe and it holds true ...
8 Health Benefits Of Mustard Oil
Mustard oil is commonly found in many of the kitchens. The oil is derived from the crushed seeds of the mustard plant (scientific name is Brassica juncea). This pungent flavoured oil has been in use for culinary purposes as well as ...
Health Benefits Of Mustard Oil
10 Health Benefits Of Rock Sugar (Mishri) You Should Know
Rock sugar, which is commonly called mishri, is an unrefined form of sugar. It is used in culinary and medicinal purposes and is made from crystallized and flavoured sugar. Rock sugar is less sweeter than refined sugar, which is a tasty ...
How To Cure Your Cough: Ginger, Honey And Lemon Home Remedy
If you have been suffering from cough, you might be taking over the counter medications that have undesirable side effects like nervousness, nausea and drowsiness. So, why not go with a natural home remedy like honey, ginger and lemon for curing ...
How To Cure Cough With Honey Lemon And Ginger

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