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The Nine Consciousnesses
'The nine consciousnesses' is a profound Buddhist concept that speaks of the different levels of human capacity in understanding the reality of life. In this article, we look at the nine consciousnesses and try and comprehend the profoundness of each of ...
The Nine Consciousnesses

Consciousness of Sri Ramakrishna-Beyond Dry Scholarship
Renunciation as dealt in the previous part will have to be practised and not just reading about it in the scriptures. Similarly dwelling in consciousness is the sure sign of wisdom.Sri Ramakrishna said that a shallow man, having read a few ...
Consciousness In Upanishads Story-Osho
Osho discusses about the two aspects of consciousness as revealed through a metaphor or a story from the Upanishads.A short story in the Upanishads has it that two two birds were perched on a tree, one on the topmost branch, with ...
Consciousness In Upanishads Story Osho
To Go Within And Not Without
Without I go only to come down; Within I go only to rise above. (Swami Chinmayananda)Giving reality and importance to things, beings and happenings wherein one believes that the solution to all problems lie outside oneself is to go without. .. ...
Where Is God?
Finding God is the mission of all those who tread the path of spirituality. One's spiritual practices and activities are directed towards finding God.Where is God?Once a devotee, Mrs.D.Jinarajadasa raised a question to Ramana Maharshi regarding the presence of God. She ...
Where Is God
How To Dissolve The Mind To Abide In Consciousness (Brahman-Hinduism)
The Four Veils Over RealityLet us now see how we can annihilate, or dissolve the mind. The mind - with its thoughts, perceptions, and projections - exists only because of four interpretations; quality, activity, adjective and relationship (guna, kriya, visesa, sambhandha).Because ...
Sai Satcharitra- Shirdi Sai Baba Wooden Plank(Chapter 45)
Continued from the previous part-Baba Vision Wooden plank Baba's Bed-Stead, and not Bhagat's In His earlier days, Baba slept on a wooden plank, 4 arms in length and only a span in breadth with panatis (earthen lamps) burning at the ...
Chapter 45 Part
Collective Consciousness , Tune Into It!
We are not separate unconnected individuals as we think. May be physically, we all seem like individual islands. But whether we like it or not, whether we accept it or not, whether we want it or not, we are all interlinked ...
Waves In The Ocean Of Existence
We are all waves in the ocean of existence. Existence itself is pure, intelligent energy. This loving Existence desires that each of us succeeds and experiences fulfillment in life. The effect of the peace radiated by a person, fully satisfied and ...
Pure Existence Life Fulfillment
Chaos In Order Is Comic Intelligence
In the universe, on the one hand, planets move so beautifully in order. There are no traffic signs or sign signboards! On the other hand, there is so much of chaos if you look at all the stars and galaxies moving ...
Significance Of 'Om Nama Narayanaya' And 'Om Sat Guravae Namaha'-II
Continued From Part IIn the Yajur Veda it is statedAtha Nithyo Narayanah. Dishascha Narayanah.Vidishascha Narayanah. Oordhwam Cha Narayanah.Adhashcha. Narayanah Anthar Bahirshcha Narayanah Ea Vedam Sarvam Yat Bhootam Yach Bhavam.Lord Narayana is all pervading - The whole jagat (Universe) is pervaded by ...
Narayana Guru Mantra Pure Consciousness
Experiencing And Expressing Love
To tell you honestly, it is very difficult to define love exactly. Mere words cannot express it precisely. I am trying to use a few words here and there so that some word will click within you.Love is an intense experience ...
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