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Kegel Exercises For Men & Women: How To Do, Benefits & Caution
Being active is one of the most direct and effective ways to stay healthy. Any movement that requires you to work your muscles and burn some calories definitely has health benefits - both mentally and physically. Exercising can help you feel ...
Benefits Of Kegel Exercises For Men And Women

9 Symptoms Of Bladder Infection And 5 Ways To Prevent It
The urinary bladder is a remarkable organ. It expands like a balloon to hold your pee, is lined by cells that prevent urine from leaking out, and is capable of preventing bacteria from colonizing it. But did you know that holding ...
9 Surprising Reasons For Frequent Urination
Imagine this, you are in an important meeting at work, which started right after you used the restroom, but 20 minutes into the meeting, you feel like you want to pee, again! Well, this can be quite frustrating and embarrassing as ...
Surprising Reasons For Frequent Urination
Frequent Urination: Ways To Keep Your Bladder Healthy
Our bladder is the least talked about organ in the body, but nevertheless it is the important one. The bladder, also known as the urinary bladder, is an expandable organ, which is responsible for holding the urine from our kidneys until ...
Check How This One Fruit Helps To Cure Bladder Infection
If you are experiencing pain and discomfort in the bladder region, pain in the lower abdomen, pelvis or the penis then you need to get it checked. This might be a symptom of bladder infection. Once you are sure about it, ...
How This One Fruit Cranberry Helps Cure Bladder Infection
Symptoms Of Bladder Cancer Every Woman Should Know
Bladder cancer is something that not many women pay attention when compared to breast cancer and cervical cancer. One needs to be aware of the symptoms of bladder cancer as well, especially the women. Many people think that bladder cancer is ...
Blood Clots In Urine? Read This!!
If you see blood in urine, it could be a serious issue. It means you are bleeding from inside. Sometimes, blood in urine isn't even visible to naked eye. In such a case, only a lab test can confirm the same. ...
Reasons For Blood Clots In Urine
Signs And Symptoms Of Urinary Incontinence
Urinary incontinence could be embarrassing. In some cases, even when you cough, drops of urine may wet your pants. There are several types of urinary incontinence. Some of them are due to other medical conditions whereas some of them are due ...
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