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60 Birds Fall To Death From Sky; Mass Poisoning Suspected
Climate change is a harsh reality we have to accept. With climatic change in tow, people have been witnessing some of the most bizarre cases where it's raining fishes or blood, and a whole lot of mysterious happenings. But with the ...
Dead Birds Fall From Sky Like Something Horror Movie

How To Build Bird Bath In Garden
Building a bird bath in garden will not only attract more species of birds to your garden, but also it provides a space for the birds to drink or bathe.Among the many gardening tips, making a bird bath garden ridge amidst ...
The Best Talking Pet Birds For Bird Lovers
Birds are enchanting creatures and are incredible pets to have. While some people prefer pets they can train and play with and some others prefer pets who will be their companions for life, others prefer to have pets that are elegant ...
The Best Talking Pet Birds For Bird Lovers
Bizarre Habits Of Birds
Animals are all around us. Being well aware of that, little do we realise that certain animals, birds in particular, can have habits that will fuel unending thoughts in understanding their tendencies. Sometimes, the behaviour of these animals can have striking ...
Do You Want To Own Pet Ducks At Home?
If you are blessed with a backyard or a huge garden, why dont you own a pet duck? This beautiful bird is a great companion for your backyard and they are great pets too. Looking after a pet duck is more ...
Pet Ducks Home Care Tips
Bird Care Tips For Pet Pigeons
The passion to raise pigeons dates back to more than 6000 years in history. Pet pigeons are not only adorable but also lovable in nature. It is believed that the lives of pigeons and humans have been interconnected throughout the ages. ...
National Bird Day - A Day For Our Feathered Friends
Today is the day of the birds. Today is the annual national bird day. The bird day doesn't only explain about exploitation of birds but also talks about how birds can be a source of inspiration to humans. The national bird ...
National Bird Day
Teach Your Parrot To Talk - Part 2
Birds are beautiful creatures. They are the second best option to keep at home. Other than a pet dog or cat, a bird or fish can do wonders to make your home a happier place.Many people have the habit of keeping ...
Own A Pet Bird
Thinking of welcoming a pet in to your home , but not sure which one to choose. If you stay in a surrounding that man's best friend or your little kitty can't be welcomed within love and care from your neighbors, ...
Bird Feathery Friend
Meet The Owl Who's Scared Of Heights!
A tawny owl named Troy can't fly more than six feet, just because he is scared of heights.Gareth Tonen, who looked after the one-year old owl after he was found injured at a young age refuses to fly above the height ...
Bower Bird Mating Measures
We might flaunt a designer dress, apply a good perfume to impresses the partner but what do birds do? One of the birds the male bowerbird builds and decorates an elaborate nest to attract a partner.He spends quality time on that ...
Bower Bird Mating
50 Pounds Fine For Spilling Banana Peel
A women was fined 50 Pounds by the North East Lincolnshire Council when her toddler dropped the end of a banana out of his pram. Kirsty Allen, of Oxford Street, Grimsby, walking down the road did pay much heed ...
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