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Artificial Sweeteners

  • If you are a diet soda lover, this could be a bad news for you. Low-calorie drinks and snacks that are made with artificial sweeteners are likely to cause diabetes and obesity, confirms a study. It leads to other health complications ...
  • It takes a lot of effort to lose excess weight, right? However, despite dieting and exercising when excess fat refuses to leave the body, you wonder what's going wrong. At times, this can be the problem with certain food products. These ...
  • If you are someone who is yearning to lose weight in order to become healthy and get back in shape, then you would definitely be looking up for diet tips, which can help you lose weight quickly, right? Many of the ...
  • We know that any automobile needs an engine and fuel to function, right? Similarly, even the human body can function in a healthy way, when the metabolic rate is optimum! Metabolism can be described as a group of chemical processes that ...
  • Researchers have identified a complex network in the brain that has revealed why artificial sweeteners may not be the best way to slim down.Artificial sweeteners are substitutes for sugar that provide a sweet taste, like that of sugar, while containing significantly ...
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