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Reasons Why Crying Could Determine Your Strengths, Not Weaknesses

Crying is one of the body's natural coping mechanisms. It helps us lower and process our emotional stress and is also good for our health and well-being.[1]

When people deny their emotions, they often believe they disappear because they can't "see" or "feel" them. However, this is not the case. When people suppress their emotions and deny crying, probably due to a taboo that crying is a sign of weakness, they actually suppress the negativity inside, which further leads to many physical and mental health problems.

Crying, on the other hand, lets these negative emotions come out and helps us deal with the pain, only to forget it later.

Here are seven situations in which shedding a few tears is acceptable.

1. To Respond To Loss And Grief

It's sad when we lose someone or something precious to us. It's the kind of feeling that swallows us whole and leaves us unable to do anything. To make things simpler for others around us, we often suppress our emotions, which is not the healthiest choice. Crying helps release the pain of loss and grief and gives us the strength to move on.

2. To Relieve Our Stress

Tears are therapeutic; the act of crying is believed to remove stress hormones or toxins from the body. When we cry, the parasympathetic nervous system, which regulates rest and digestion, is activated. A person's body and mind both benefit from crying as a means of stress relief.

3. To Clear Our Mind

We can use our tears as a kind of internal detergent to wash away any impurities and refresh our souls. Others who are able to express their emotions openly and frequently have an advantage over those who bottle up their feelings and allow their inner demons to rule them. By releasing pent-up emotions, we can better comprehend the causes of our emotional distress.

4. To Help Us Become Stronger

We may suppress our emotions and sensations at other times, but when we weep, we let them out in a healthy way. This means that we are more accustomed to dealing with the things that bring us down rather than ignoring them. If we choose to ignore our feelings, they will remain in the conscious mind and eventually cause problems for us. However, if we choose to face our fears and emotions, we will become stronger and more robust.

5. To Benefit Our Health

Most men and women across 35 nations felt better after weeping and with better health benefits, says a study published in the journal NCBI. Tears have a soothing effect on our minds and bodies. It helps us relieve pain, enhances our mood, aids sleep and fights countless bacteria. Keep that in mind the next time you reach for a tissue to dry your eyes.

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