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Father’s Day 2021: Things Your Father Will Love To Hear From You

It is true and perhaps always will be that 'What makes you a man is not the ability to make a child, it's the courage to raise one.' In order to celebrate this spirit and selfless love of fathers, we observe Father's Day every year on the third Sunday in June. This year it will be observed on 20 June 2021.

Fathers no doubt play an important role in our lives. Though they can be a bit tough and strict at times to teach their children discipline, there is no denying that their heart is full of selfless love for them. From imparting good values to their children to ensuring they get a better life, fathers work hard and sacrifice their needs and dreams for the sake of their children.

Children observe this day by making their fathers feel special and loved. People express their gratitude towards their father. For this, they plan surprises and give gifts to their fathers. Some people also choose to cook for their fathers. These things are no doubt quite heart-touching. But do you know there could be a few things that your father may want to hear from you? This Father's Day, make your father feel loved and luckiest by saying things that would express your love and gratitude to him.


1. “You Are The Best Dad In This World.”

What could be the best compliment for a father to hear that his children consider him the best? Though there are times when a father could be a bit strict and tough, he always thinks the best for his children. This Father's Day let your father know how proud you are to have him in your life. We bet you, he will remember this compliment throughout his life.


2. “Dad, You Are A Real Superhero.”

For all of us, our fathers are no less than superheroes. After all, fathers are always their to have our backs and make us feel protected and safe. They ensure that no one harms us and we live a safe and sound life. Not only this, but they also help us in overcoming our fears and obstacles.


3. “Thank You, Papa, For Supporting Me.”

Remember those times when your father trusted your abilities and skills. You cannot deny that your father never stopped believing in you as he knew what you were capable of. Even though he may have scolded you at times, he must have always encouraged you either directly or indirectly.


4. “I Feel Safe When You Are Around.”

This Father's Day let your father know how he made you feel safe at times. Whether it was while crossing the roads, during the swimming lessons, returning late home, learning how to drive and the list goes on. You just cannot deny that your father would have ensured your safety ever since you came into this world. So, now it is time to thank him for the same.


5. “I Am Proud Of The Way You Work Hard For Me.”

If you think it's just the mothers who work hard for their kids then this is not the truth. Your father too works hard for you, though you may not realise this. For example, he may work for extra hours just to earn some money for buying you your favourite PlayStation or get you enrolled in your dream college. He may cut down on his wishes and desires just to save money for your future. Thanking your father for doing all these things for you can surely bring a warm smile to his face.


6. “You Always Give The Best Advice To Me.”

Whether it was deciding for the course to choose for your undergraduate degree or any other decisions, we are sure that your father gave the best advice to you. He must have helped you choose the best. So, this Father's Day, make your father feel special by letting him know how many times he helped you make the right decision and choose the right step.


7. “Thank You For Teaching Various Important Lessons.”

Your father must have taught you various important lessons in your life. From school lessons to driving to learning some life skills, your father would have taught you many things. This Father's Day you can write a small letter or note to your father. You can describe how he made tough school lessons, cooking, driving, etc. seem easier for you.


8. “Father, I Will Make You Feel Proud.”

Fathers always want their children to do the best in their life. They always dream of living that proud moment when the world would applaud for their children. They work hard for their entire life to see their children making the best out of their life. You may not realise this but letting him know that you will surely make him proud, will cheer up his day like never before.

Well, there are many more ways of making your father feel special on this Father's Day. The above-mentioned can help you with some beautiful lines to say to your father. We hope that you spend this day with your father while making some new, fresh and warm memories.

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