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8 Signs That Are Enough To Tell That You Might Be A Strict Parent

Do you feel the need to punish your children every time they break the rules? Are you the one who can't withstand the idea of letting your children making decisions? Do you make sure that your children do not question the rules and restrictions set by you? Well, these signs are enough to tell whether you are a strict parent or not. Sometimes you may consider it to be a part of parenting which is not at all wrong and every parent has their own way of parenting their kids.

What seems okay to you may seem too strict for others. Thus, you may not be aware of the fact that you are being strict with your kids. Therefore, we have listed down a few signs that will help you in knowing if you are a strict parent.

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1. You Never Allow Your Kids To Hangout With Their Friends

You hardly allow your children to go out with their friends and spend their day. You may think that spending time with friends and hanging out is an utter waste of time. You never encourage them to go out with their friends. In fact, you expect them to stay back at home and study else help in household chores.


2. You Have Made A Long List Of Rules

Your parenting style has a long list of rules and you prefer sticking to it all the time. You have fixed rules that monitor each and every action of your children. Such as when they should wake up in the morning, for how long they should study, eat every food that is being cooked in the house. Understand that this will choke them easily and there will be too much distance between you and your children.


3. You Have Little To No Tolerance For Mistakes

You want your children to follow the rules set by you and in no chance, they should fail. Therefore, you become quite angry when your children break any rules or do not fulfil your expectations. Rather than asking your children the reason behind not abiding by the rules, you tend to shout and express your aggressiveness. You hate when your children act silly or try to have fun.

For that reason, you want your children to be perfect and do things with perfection, failing to which angers you to a great extent.


4. Your Children Are Always The First To Leave A Party

You do not like the idea of letting your children go to parties or have some fun with their friends. But if somehow you agree and allow them to go to a party, you make sure that your children return home before 9 PM. This way your children are always the first ones to leave a party and head to their home. Even if they ask you to extend the time, you do not accede to their wish.

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5. Your Children Often Lie To You

Due to your strictness and intolerance, your children are often scared to tell you the truth. For that reason, they fear the consequences and punishments after you know the truth. Harsh discipline can stop your children from being honest with you. They will often hide their report cards and will lie about the scored by them. They do so to avoid any sort of punishment from you.


6. You Are The One Who Make Choices For Your Kids

Parents are known to make choices and decisions for their kids right from the moment kids are born. But making choices for your grown-up kids is no less than being super strict. Such as if your children are 10+ years old and it is you who decide what they should wear and restricting them from touching their cupboards show how strict you are.


7. You Often Punish Your Children Badly

Sometimes it okay to punish your kids for the mistakes they commit. But punishing them ruthlessly every time is not a good thing. One of the most common signs of being a super strict parent is that you never step back from punishing your children in a harsh way. Such as you will either beat them senseless or lock them in a dark room for hours.

If you are doing this, you need to understand harsh punishment can make your children rebellious and hostile.


8. Your Children Are Often Afraid Of You

Since you have a zero-tolerance policy, strict rules and harsh way of punishing your children, this can instil fear in your children. They may scare from telling even what is in their minds. They may hide their problems and would prefer seeking your permission only when you are in a good mood.

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Story first published: Friday, November 29, 2019, 16:11 [IST]