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Raksha Bandhan 2020: Nasty Yet Funny Things Brothers Do To Annoy Their Sisters

Brothers and sisters are no less than Tom and Jerry. After all, they knock each other, fight over little things and yet can't live apart. In our Indian culture, elder sisters are said to be a motherly figure, whereas elder brothers are said to be a fatherly figure. Still, they annoy each other and rarely express their affection and care for one another. They may argue in an ugly way but would always find some ways to express their love in a subtle manner.

Therefore, this Raksha Bandhan i.e., on 3 August 2020, we thought of bringing back the memories of how brothers teased their sisters in nasty yet funny ways during their childhood days. We are sure that this will make you nostalgic about the days you spent with your siblings.

1. 'We Adopted You'

Elder brothers will do weird but adorable things to annoy their younger sisters. One of the most common weapons they use is to convince you that 'you were adopted' or 'we picked you from a heap of garbage' and 'you cried for so many days'. They do this to derive some fun and but deep inside they too know how much you mean to them.

2. Ruining The Barbie Dolls

Many of us will agree to this weird and crazy behaviour of our brothers. For some unexplained reasons, brothers enjoy destroying their sisters' toys, especially the Barbie Dolls. They know the Barbie Dolls are their sisters' best friends still, they will turn their beautiful dolls into clean-shaven head dolls.

3. Scaring With A Plastic Lizard

What could be scarier than a creepy lizard staring at us? Our crazy brothers never missed an opportunity to chase us around the house with a plastic lizard that looked so real. Sometimes, they even kept the plastic lizard in our school bag or on our pillow to make us scream out of fear.

4. Locking In A Dark Room

How can somebody forget the way brothers narrated scary horror stories when lights went out? This made us shudder. Our brothers would even trick us into a dark room. Once in, they would lock the room until we cried our lungs out.

5. Secretly Eating Your Favourite Biscuits

All the crazy things that elder brothers did also include eating our favourite cookies and biscuits. After all, who could resist themselves from eating those tasty cookies? But brothers secretly had them all alone and left us crying seeing the empty boxes of cookies and biscuits.

So, these were some of the crazy yet adorable things that elder brothers have done to their sisters at least once in their lifetime. We hope you will relive those childhood memories by visiting your childhood lanes.

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