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Mother’s Day: 7 Reasons Why Mothers Are So Special

It is said that God couldn't be everywhere, therefore, He created mothers. This indeed is true as our mothers not only bring us to this world but also go through numerous sacrifices, problems and hardships to give us a good life. She does everything to make sure that her child is happy and gets a happy and comfortable life. In order to salute their motherhood, we observe Mother's Day every second Sunday of May. This year the date falls on 8 May.

This Mother's Day, let your mother know what makes her so special and precious to you. Though there are so many things that make our mothers special, we have listed a few of them. In order to know what those reasons are, scroll down and read more.

1. She Knows Everything

Mothers have this magic trick of knowing everything by giving just one look at our faces. No matter how hard we try, mothers will always know our current emotional and mental state. She knows us like no other. In fact, she keeps each and every like and dislike of her children. One of the reasons why she knows and understands everything is because she has already been there.

2. She Gives Unconditional Love

A mother's love for her children knows no bounds. Even though we become adults, our mothers will love us in the same way. There could be times when we may find our mothers annoying, but she never stops loving us unconditionally. No matter how many mistakes we commit, she always forgives us and showers the same genuine and pure love for us. She is the one who always wants their children to be happy.

3. She Is Our First Teacher

Right from our first word to life lessons, mothers are the first and best teachers. In fact, when she is pregnant, she often reads good books, and religious scriptures and tries to write good things. She does so to ensure that her baby learns to develop a connection with the outer world. She not only teaches us good values but also how to face problems and outshine our competitors and give our best. She knows the hidden potential in us and the way to polish our skills.

4. She Encourages Us

It won't be wrong to say that without mothers, our world would have been hopeless. Our mothers make us strong enough to face all the harsh realities and difficulties of our lives. She not only shares her experiences but also motivates us to face our problems with courage and confidence. She ensures that we do not give up on anything.

5. She Always Believes In Us

Even if the entire world goes against us and stops believing in our talents, our mothers always trust us. A mother knows her children well and therefore, she never stops believing in their skills, hardwork and efforts. No matter how much the world criticises us but it is our mothers who make us believe in ourselves and give our best.

6. She Has The Solution To Almost Every Problem

Whether it is exam time or what to wear for our meeting, mothers have solutions to each and every problem. In fact, she tells us about the problems that we might face in our lives such as how to react to people's judgement or to face people's criticism. A mother can never see her child suffering alone and therefore, she always comes up with the most feasible and assuring problem.

7. She Brings Out The Best In You

There could be times when we may feel nervous and consider ourselves unfit for a particular role and responsibility. But when our mothers are around, nothing can stop us from giving the best. This is because having a mother is like having someone who would always bring out the best in us.

One can never give enough reasons to tell why mothers are so special. They are precious to their children and one cannot imagine his/her life without mothers. This Mother's Day make your mother feel special by letting her know how much you love and care for her.

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