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Mother-Daughter Fights Never Get Old: 7 Silly Things That You Can Totally Relate To!

The bond that a mother and her daughter share is the most beautiful and powerful one. There is not even an ounce of doubt that despite all the affection we (women) have for our mother, we both have a love-hate relationship with each other. Surely, there were circumstances when you have raised your voice in front of your mother, have accused each other and then said sorry to each other.

It goes without saying that mothers are our best friends and but at times we do argue regarding silly matters. Especially when the daughter is a teenager. "You don't understand me" - is the most common phrase used and that is followed by yelling, crying, shouting and slamming of doors and whatnot.

Memes that you can totally relate to because mother-daughter fights never get old!

When You Don't Help Your Mother In The Kitchen

Kitchen job is never easy. Our mother prepares meals for us every day. Situations become worse when daughters deny helping their mothers and therefore, a good long argument is inevitable. Mothers will accuse their daughters that how insensible they are and daughters after switching on the self-defence mode on say- "mother should stay in the kitchen only".


When The Daughter Is Unable To Find Things

Things miraculously appear when our mother look for it, but when we go to find it, it is just not there! Daughters might struggle to find their shoelaces, socks, handkerchiefs or anything for that matter. As a result, they would ask their mothers to help them and when our mothers are busy, it really pisses them off. And by any chance, if mothers scold their daughters or even react, daughters might reply by saying 'you are overreacting. This can lead to an ugly discussion.


Coming Home Late Can Also Trigger Fights

If you are coming home late by any chance then it can also trigger fights between you (read women) and your mother. Mothers scream and yell because they are concerned for the safety of their daughters, whereas the daughters think that they will manage on their own even if it is late.

The moment daughters reach home, their mothers might burst at them and scold them for not coming on time. Sometimes, daughters too might start giving reasons for being late in a rude manner, and tell their mothers to stop worrying about them.


Wearing Short Dress

Going out and having a party with friends is fine but going in a short dress in the presence of mothers, can lead to a discussion between daughters and mothers. Mothers would want their daughters to wear full clothes so that they don't catch cold or uncomfortable gazes from people whereas the daughters would prefer being fashionable and cool among their friends.


Having Male Friends

Mothers will never feel comfortable if they catch their daughters having male friends. The reason could be the safety concern for their daughters whereas daughters might not understand the same and this can result in shouting and yelling at each other. Also, daughters might think that their mothers are no less than control freaks.


Staring At Phone Screens

Millennials are always busy in using their smartphones. This annoys their mothers to a great extent. As a result, the duo can have bitter fights at times. Especially when daughters are denying to help their mothers or clean their rooms and sitting with their phone all day.


Asking For Extra Money

Daughters might use up their whole pocket money on purchasing dresses and cosmetics. When they turn to their mothers for getting more pocket money, mothers might give them an angered look rather than giving extra pocket money. As they would want their daughters to be responsible for money-related issues. But the daughters would think of purchasing the needful.

There is no doubt that these silly fights make the mother-daughter bond grow stronger and gives us a full plate of funny, silly and yet cute memories to cherish for the rest of our lives!

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