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Father’s Day: 9 Ways To Make Your Dad Feel Special

Dads are parents, mentors, friends, teachers and role models all at once. They are the ones who work hard and sacrifice their needs, desires and wishes to ensure that their child gets the best. To celebrate this spirit and selfless love of fathers, we observe Father's Day every year. The day is observed on the third Sunday of June. In 2022, Father's Day falls on Sunday, 19 June.

On this Father's Day, make your dad feel special and loved by doing a few things that would speak of your love for him. If you are wondering what those things are, scroll down the article to know more.

1. Spend An Entire Day With Your Father

One of the best ways of celebrating Father's Day is by spending an entire day with him. You can plan your schedule in such a way that you get to spend most of the time with your father. For this, you can plan to go on a picnic, trekking, movie, etc. with your dad.

2. Cook Something Delicious And Special For Him

What could be a better celebration than having delicious food? You can surely prepare your father's favourite food to make his day memorable. You don't have to prepare some exotic meal for your father- make something easy to prepare, it is the that counts, and the memories you create.

3. Plan A Get-Together Party For Your Dad

A get-together party for your father can certainly help you in making your father feel special. You can think of inviting his old friends and colleagues to surprise him on Father's Day. While inviting his friends, you can think of sending invitations to his cousins and school mates to bring a genuine smile on his face. In case you are unable to host a get-together party at your home, you can plan the same on Skype or Zoom. We bet you, your father will no doubt remember this forever.

4. Buy A Nice Shirt Or T-Shirt For Him

Fathers can go to any lengths to fulfill the needs and desires of their children. But now it's your turn to do something for your father. Though you may not be able to return what he did, you can certainly think of giving him a token of love. You can buy a shirt or t-shirt for your father. You can also think of buying a nice pair of shoes, watch, wallet or sunglasses.

5. Take Your Dad On A Long Drive

A long drive with your father on this Father's Day can make his day extra special. Remember those days, when he dropped you to your school or took you on a ride. This year let your father know how amazing and loving he is. While you are on a long drive with him, have a real conversation with him. Do things that you and your father did when you were young.

6. Watch His Favourite Movie With Him

Do you know which is your dad's favourite movie? Wouldn't it be a great idea to watch his favourite movie or a TV show on Father's Day? You can also pick your favourite film and make him watch it.

7. Reminisce With Him

Revisiting the memory lanes is undoubtedly one of the best things to do. This Father's Day, you can enjoy some moments with your father by recalling your childhood memories. You can also ask him to share some of his childhood memories with you. We are sure your father will definitely enjoy having this conversation with you.

8. Talk About Your Future Plans With Your Father

Discussing your future plans with your father may seem to be a difficult thing to do, but this can make your father feel special. This is because when you share your future plans with him, it shows that you are open to his opinions and suggestions. Moreover, your father would feel that you consider him important and that will make any father happy.

9. Listen To His Childhood And Youth Adventures

While you cherish your childhood memories with your father, you can ask him to share some of his memories too. You can ask your father about his school and college. You can also ask him to share interesting incidents from his childhood. We are sure that you and your father will definitely have a wonderful conversation.

Apart from all this, the best way to make your father feel special is by being the lovely child he brought up. Let your dad know that you love him and your are proud of him. Your true emotions and love for your dad will outshine any gifts for him.

Have a Happy Father's Day!

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