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National Sisters Day 2022: Know The Date, History And Significance

There is a secret code to the world of relief and painless living that opens up at its very mention. It is the word "sister" whose mention is enough to light up anyone's gloomy mood and uplift it. Etymologically the origin of Sisters Day is unknown but we can trace it back to an Old Norse word 'systir', which derives from the Proto-Germanic word 'schwester'.

The word "sister", in some societies is used to refer to women who share a close emotional equation with each other. This relationship is usually formed by blood or through friendship. Read on to know about this day in detail.

National Sisters Day 2022: Date

National Sisters Day, is celebrated on the first Sunday of every August. This year, it falls on Sunday, 07 August 2022.

National Sisters Day 2022: History

We have plenty of famous examples of sisters who have gone down the pages of history due to their achievements, like the Trung sisters - Trung Trac and Trung Nhi. In India, we have the shining examples of the Mangeshkar sisters - the singing legends Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle nee Mangeshkar, and Usha Mangeshkar.

Not everyone is blessed with a precious sister, in their lives. The ones who do, are truly blessed. Sisters are deeply remembered for their loving presence in our lives, always, and most importantly, on the first Sunday of every August. This day glorifies the unique and undying bond that exists between sisters. Despite certain occasional upsets and small disagreements, they are always there, as a background note in the music of your life.

Sister is the only friend that stays throughout your life, thick and thin, chubby or lean, stupid or shrewd, who is brutally honest about you, with good intentions. While she shares everything with you, from her genes, tastes, personality, and looks, unintentionally, she shares her clothes, food, books and every other thing intentionally. Her presence looms large over your life, every moment. The bond shared between sisters is irreplaceable.

National Sisters Day 2022: Significance

Our significant moments are never complete without sisters. They are the cheerleaders who stand by us no matter what. Not just creating happy memories, but even annoying them or fighting with them is worth cherishing.

Sisters of course, not only share your blood, but your books, your fancy watches, your make-up kit and that gorgeous dress which they had eyed on. Sibling rivalry is actually a welcome thing as during some skirmishes, we get glimpses into our personalities which we never knew we had.

They are the only ones to be around you on your birthday and scream it aloud at the most unearthly hour, into your ears, to wake you up to a new dawn, and a new beginning in your life. They may not share their possessions with you during the impressionable years, but they grow up to be very generous to a fault during adulthood. They are to be appreciated for their sincerity and genuineness on sister's day.

Some psychologists say that people with sisters experience less guilt, loneliness, and apprehensions than people who do not have sisters. A sister's presence is so therapeutic for your mental wellbeing because it can even you respond to life appropriately.

National Sisters Day 2022: Celebrations

A sister's presence in itself is equal to celebrating a grand event in your life. Having someone to play with you or annoy you, is itself a blessing. Gift her with something that spells fun and relaxation, and acknowledge her role in the family and her contribution to the overall peace.

If you and your sister are living far apart from each other, you can still send a card to let her know how much you care and gratefully acknowledge their contributions to your life. If you live close by, visit her, and spend some time watching movies, or sharing your memories with her on social media platforms. You can take her to a recreational centre, and treat her to something she loves on this special day.

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