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5 Weird Reasons People Give To Convince You To Get Married

Have you ever asked someone why did they get married? While some of them might have said that they wanted to settle down, others might have told that they were in their 30s and it was "necessary" to get married because society feels so. Well, some people also marry because they are love.

We have a mindset that at a certain age we will be meeting someone with whom we can spend the rest of our life. But, not everything works according to plan and moreover, some people do have absurd reasons for getting married and we have listed a few reasons that will leave you scratching your head.

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1. 'It Is Necessary To Settle Down'

At times, almost all of us must have heard that one needs to 'settle down' in order to live peacefully and happily as if you were a disturbed child from birth. And 'settle down' specifically means to get married. It is instilled in our thoughts that one has to get married when they are in their late 20s or 30s.

Can we think different for a moment and understand that settling down can also mean becoming self-dependent, being able to pay off our own bills, being a better decision-maker and handle our responsibilities?

2. 'It Is The Right Time To Get Married'

Many of us think that being in the age group of 25-30 means it is the right time to get married, thanks to the patriarchal mindset of some people! During family gatherings, parties, community function, etc. people often start to nag you, especially aunties and other relatives, because they want you to marry soon and the typical line they will throw at you is 'You have attained the right age to get married, so you must find a suitable partner'.

Marriage and age are not related and this is something most of us fail to understand. Getting married to someone is a choice and if one really feels comfortable with someone, and decide to spend their life together, they can think of marriage.

3. 'It Can Cover Up Your Mistakes'

Our society has set certain rules for us such as what's right and what's wrong for us, especially for girls. They are often told what to wear, eat, who she should be friends with and when they should return from their work, college, parties, etc. The same is, however, not always applicable for boys and all of this because of the patriarchal mindset that considers women as weaker sex than men. Society thinks a girl should be married before she is found doing something 'wrong'.

For example, if a girl is dating someone or gets pregnant before marriage, then it will be a matter of shame for her parents and therefore, they think it is best to get her married as soon as possible. Another bizarre thing is that, irrespective of the fact that whether the girl loves the groom or not, she is supposed to live with him, who is a complete stranger.

4. 'It Will Give You Social Security'

While parents search for the perfect match for their child, especially girls; they hardly consider if the person will be able to love their daughter or not. Only the bank balance counts in some cases and the groom's qualifications as if it will be enough to know that person.

Some parents are more conscious about knowing if the groom earns millions or not. If yes, they believe that their daughter will be able to live happily and won't have any problems in her married life.

It is not only about parents, but some people do also think that the key to a happy life is having a partner who earns a good amount of money and lives lavishly.

5. 'It Will Bring Happiness'

No doubt when you have a person that loves you takes care of you and makes you feel better every single day, life becomes happier. But many of us think that their spouse will be their key to happiness. This is so wrong and at times, it turns out to be exactly opposite of what you had expected your partner to be. If your unrealistic expectations are growing with each passing time that it is high time you need to stop. We keep making plans in our head and when it doesn't happen in reality, we end up being sad and frustrated.

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If you think, you should get married to have a rich lifestyle and travel abroad, or to hide your flaws or just because you are getting bored living alone then chances are you may not be happy in the long run. Marry a person simply because you love them and not because of the materialistic benefits. Also, you should marry when you are ready and find the perfect person for yourself and not because people ask you to do so.

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