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7 Beautiful Ways In Which You Can Cheer Up Your Partner During Tough Times

There can be times when your partner may be sad or upset over something. This could be a golden opportunity for you to cheer up your partner and make him/her feel loved and special. It is possible that you may not succeed in bringing a smile to his/her face but giving up won't help either. Your partner may ask you to leave him/her alone but doing so can never mend the things. Instead, doing things to cheer your partner can help you in not only making your partner smile but in encouraging him/her.

To know what are those ways through which you can cheer up your partner and make him/her feel better, scroll down the article to read more.

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1. Listen To Your Partner’s Problems

If you find your partner upset and sad over something, then it is important that you listen to his/her problems. Instead of giving opinions and suggestions, just make sure that you are listening to what he/she is saying. Most people, when sad, want someone to listen to their problems. They just want to speak what's going on in their mind so that they can feel better.


2. Avoid Pointing Out His/Her Mistakes

It can be possible that your partner is at fault but that doesn't mean you can point out his/her mistakes while he/she is sad. This may worsen the situation as your partner may not understand his/her mistakes. Chances are that your partner may get offended. So, it is advisable that you avoid pointing out your partner's mistakes when he/she is sad. You can point out his/her mistake when things are alright. Till then, you can make him/her feel better.


3. Do Your Best To Comfort Your Partner

You need to do things to make your partner feel better. For example, you can give him/her a nice massage or tune to his/her favourite show. In case, you feel that your partner is not interested in watching any show, then you can try to reminisce some good memories. You can also cuddle and hug your partner. If you are staying away from your partner, then you can try talking sweet things over calls or messages.


4. Prepare Something Delicious To Eat

Food can always mend things. You can fix your partner's mood by surprising him/her with some delicious food. For this, you can prepare your partner's favourite food. You can always take some recipes from your mother or from the internet. You can also order food from a nice restaurant. Moreover, you can ask him/her to help you so that your partner distracts himself/herself and feels better.


5. Take Your Partner For A Walk Or Long Drive

A long drive or a short walk with your partner can always be comforting. You can, therefore, cheer up your partner by taking him/her on a long drive. We are sure that this will help your partner in coming out of the gloominess. In case, you can't go for a long drive, then a short walk can also be helpful. You can take your partner to a nearby park or other places to make your partner feel better.


6. List The Achievements Of Your Partner

If your partner is extremely upset and thinks himself/herself as an incompetent person, then you cheer him/her by listing his/her achievements. You can remind your partner how hardworking and determined he/she is. You can make your partner believe in his/her capabilities. This will make your partner feel better. This will also make your partner feel that you are with him/her and this will strengthen your relationship.


7. Motivate Your Partner To Achieve His/Her Goals

Motivating your partner for achieving his/her goals in life can also be a helpful thing. Whenever you find your partner feeling upset and disappointed with something, then it is advisable that you motivate him/her. Tell your partner why he/she needs to achieve goals and why is it bad to feel demotivated.

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Ups and downs may come in your lives. But what can make things beautiful even during those times is how beautifully you support each other and solve the problems. After all, love is all about caring for and supporting each other.

Story first published: Friday, June 12, 2020, 14:30 [IST]