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Viral: In A Sweet Gesture, Husband Becomes 'Human Chair' For Pregnant Wife

You must have seen various movies based on love stories in which a couple is ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of their love. The internet is also full of various love-stories. At times, people say there is nothing like true love as humans are now focused on fulfilling their own needs and prefer materialistic happiness. But still, there are some people who are always dedicated to their partners and are ready to do anything for ensuring their happiness and comfort. One such example of true and unconditional love is this couple.

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Here is a CCTV footage of a hospital where a husband becomes a 'human chair' for his pregnant wife after people refuse to give her a seat. As you can see in the video, the couple is standing and the pregnant woman is facing difficulty in standing. Seeing nobody leaving their seats, the husband decides to sit on the floor in a way that can help her wife in sitting on him. The wife seems to be stopping her husband but the man insists her to sit.

Some people can be seen walking through the area while others are being seated. The man doesn't complain and ensures if his wife is comfortable or not. People say that women go through a great number of difficulties and challenges for bringing a new life to this world. But this video shows, it is a father too who does a lot to make sure his child and wife are healthy and safe. The video is a strong example of what happens when a person truly loves someone.

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We are quite impressed and inspired by the man after seeing his sweet and caring gesture towards his pregnant wife.

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