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9 Reasons That May Tell Why Couples Often Divorce Each Other

Getting married to a person and then happily living your life together is definitely a beautiful thing forever. But there are some married couples, who decide to end their relationship after things don't seem to go well in their married life. It is not that every married couple fighting over small issues end up getting divorced. Couples often fight with each other and then they make up in no time. But there can be a time when a couple may not be able to continue with their marriage due to growing differences and troubles in the marriage. There can be various reasons that may lead to divorce between married couples. Today in this article, we will be discussing those reasons.

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1. Money Related Issues

Money-related issues can really take a toll on your married life. You may not be able to acknowledge it but financial issues can harm your relationship in the worst possible ways. The way you make, spend and save money can affect your married life and you may not realise it until it's too late. Couples may not agree with each other over matters related to finance. This can lead to resentment and one may hold to grudges for a long time which may further worsen the situation.


2. Infidelity In The Married Life

Extramarital affairs and cheating on spouses can result in the end of one's married life in no time. Your marriage will come crashing down and shatter just like the broken pieces of glasses in no time. The moment your spouse finds you betraying him/her for someone else, there's no trust left. And since trust is one of the important factors responsible for making a relationship/marriage strong, you may not be able to fix it. At first, you may not realise if your cheating on your spouse as you may start by an innocent friendship.


3. Lack Of Respect And Compatibility

Mutual respect and compatibility are equally responsible for retaining the strength of a marriage and relationship. Passing mean and sexist comments on each other can result in divorce as the person may feel bad. Moreover, if the couple isn't compatible with each other that means the individuals often feel difficult to adjust with each other due to differences in thoughts, opinions and perspectives, then this too can take a toll on the relationship.


4. Impractical Expectations And Opinions

Everyone has some or the other expectations from their relationship or married life. For example, one may want an intelligent and hardworking partner while the other may wish for a fun-loving and romantic partner. These expectations aren't bad until they are realistic and practical. The moment you tend to have some unrealistic expectations from your partner, things may go wrong.

Moreover, as a couple, making bad opinions and accusing each other of every single thing can really take a toll on your relationship. Your spouse is your other half and therefore, having a bad and negative opinion about him/her can cost you big.


5. Lack Of Love Between The Couple

Falling out of love can be another reason for couples to divorce each other. They may not have romantic feelings for each other anymore. The reasons behind this could be constant arguments, unfulfilled expectations, cheating, lack of respect and mutual understanding. Well, there can be many more reasons why couples no more have feelings for each other. But once there's no love left, they decide to part their ways.


6. Any Kind Of Abuse In The Marriage

Any kind of abuse such as physical, emotional or mental can weaken a marriage to a great extent. When abuse enters a relationship or marriage, it somehow seizes love and affection from one's married life. The victim may lose his/her self-confidence and feel worthless. There are many women who go through domestic abuse. They decide to walk out of their toxic and abusive marriage to have a better way of living.


7. Feeling Of Not Being Prepared In A Marriage

If someone was married too early or against his/her will, then this too can lead to divorce. In such a case of forced marriage, one may not be ready to take up the responsibilities that come along with marriage. Also, the person may not be able to get over his/her past relationships and therefore, may not be able to connect with his/her married life. This too can then create severe problems in the marriage which can lead to divorce.


8. No To Little Physical Intimacy

There can be times when one's married life may go through a dry spell. But if there's a lack of intimacy then this too can lead to divorce. Lack of intimacy is not only about having no physical relationship but also about not engaging in cuddles, hugs, kisses and other physical connections. Giving a cold shoulder to your spouse and ignoring him/her all the time clearly indicates that there's a lack of intimacy between the couple.

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9. Absence Of Emotional Support

Emotional intimacy and support are as important as physical intimacy. It integrates a couple and brings them closer. Since both of you are married to each other, sharing thoughts, feelings, problems and challenges with each other shows that you care for each other. But when you are least bothered about giving emotional support to your spouse, things can turn nasty and you may not be able to save your married life from divorce.

Story first published: Saturday, May 23, 2020, 19:00 [IST]