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Marriage Advice; Why An Extramarital Affair Is A Nightmare For A Marriage

We all know that extramarital affairs kill the connection in the relationship. These bring down trust in a marriage. We worry about what the society would think when we do such scandalous activities. But there are a lot of other reasons as well that go wrong when extramarital affairs come into the picture. The thing about an extramarital affair is that you find someone else to have a better version of emotional and physical satisfaction which one earlier expects from his/her marriage. An extramarital affair is a nightmare for a marriage.

Extramarital affairs are a way of divulging yourself into something that is unhealthy for you and for your partner. What are the effects of it? We all know about the effects that are reasonable always in the society. But what are the other effects that affect the marriage? What are the bigger effects that we don’t realise?

This article is based on those reasons that are not spoken. These reasons are as big a reason as betraying trust in the marriage.

Why Is An Extra Marital Affair A Nightmare For A Marriage?

1. It Affects Emotionally

The marriage when is broken by either of the partners due to an extramarital affair affects the other partner emotionally. At times the emotional breakdown becomes so bad it becomes hard for the partner to cope up with it. It brings a fear into the mind of the partner, the one who gets cheated.

Extramarital is a havoc for any marriage. The brokenness drains the partners of the emotions and leads them into depression and closure from the world. This is one fact that normally is seen with the partners who are very much attached and dependent on the other partner who cheats in the marriage.

2. Fear Of Trust

The second biggest nightmare for a wrecked partner in the marriage is the loss of trust. Once the partner gets to know about the extramarital affair, the trust factor recedes to zero in the marriage. The cheated partner gets the fear of trusting.

3. Self-esteem Lowers Down

The cheated partner loses his/her self-esteem and is filled with remorse. He/she starts cursing the love they had for the cheating partner. The guilt becomes real for them and it becomes hard for them to understand the situation. They eventually try to come out of the situation but it takes a lot of time to fill in the loss of self-esteem.

4. Breaks The Bond Of Family

The one who gets cheated feels the devastation of the family breaking down which they had together built from scratch. The love that had once found a habitat for residing is no more available in the family and in the marriage. This breaks the bond between the family and the person can no longer be happy in any further relationships. He/she loses the belief in family and it is because of the cheating partner.

5. Blurred Orientation

When a partner learns about his/her partner cheating on them, they try to cope up with it. The pain that occurs, makes them feel that the love life has been wrecked and the marriage has fallen down. This causes blurred orientation in them. It is one of the biggest nightmares in a marriage. The feeling of parting ways with the cheating partner who was once a support system is terrible.

6. Loneliness

Loneliness creeps in as a byproduct of an extramarital affair. It drags you to the deepest corners of your mind and shuts you there. The access to happiness becomes limited for the partner who is cheated. The loss of happiness and a partner creates the loneliness. Loneliness once enters takes a toll on the deserted partner. Counselling and willpower are the two help they rely upon. Some get into substance abuse and end up in a horrifying stage of their life.

These 6 are the top reasons why extramarital affair is a nightmare for marriage.

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