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Marriage Advice; What Do Women Need From Their Men?

Marriages are made upon mutual agreement between two individuals. In every marriage, the most required things are trust, love, respect and honesty. But even after giving these to the women in a marriage, men have found women to be unhappy. They seek answers that would satisfy their understanding of their women. In this article, we will talk about what women need from their men and why they need them.

Every marriage depends on some of the other factors that keep up the attachment. But there are more factors that a man needs to know about the woman he is with. It will not only increase the bonding but will give a better understanding of what his woman asks from him even though she keeps mum about it.

Every woman has some personal factors that they try to seek from their man in the marriage. These factors when fulfilled makes the woman happier in the marriage. These requirements are genuinely important to a woman. If you want to keep your woman happy and content in the marriage you might as well look into these and try to understand your partner better. The more you get closer to your partner and understand her requirements, the happier your marriage becomes. It takes a lot to keep the marriage on the right track and one small mistake makes the marriage tumble down the cliff with nothing to hold on to. It is always said, prevention is better than cure.

What Do Men Need From Their Women?

According to Willard Harley's book, His Needs, Her Needs, women ask for these 5 things from their men.

1. Affection

The most sought factor by women is affection. If you are not sure what is bothering your woman after giving everything in the marriage, you probably should look into the part of giving a proper amount of affection or not. Affection is a quality term and it makes the woman feel loved by her partner. If you are the one bestowing love to your partner in the marriage, you might as well give enough to make them feel any lack of affection. Every woman's desire is to be with a man who is very affectionate towards them. Being in the marriage and not giving affection will create the void in your woman's mind. This will create problems in the marriage. So, avoid these and give affection to your partner in every manner.

2. Conversation

Your woman seeks to be in constant touch with you. She wants you to have a conversation wherein you both get to talk about daily activities, past, future, and thoughts. These conversations should be very personal and at the same time open to learning about each other. She wants you to be free with him and share each and everything that crosses your mind about life, marriage and her.

3. Honesty And Openness

Every woman in a marriage asks for this from her husband. Honesty is dearer to them and they want their man to be honest with them through marriage. Honesty is non-negotiable and if you want your partner to stay true to you, you need to be honest with your partner. Openness is another basic need of a woman in the marriage. She seeks it and wants her husband to understand that being open with her means that you are her world and she resides in you. If you want your marriage to be successful and happy you need to be open about yourself with her. She will fall in love with you more and more with each passing day.

4. Financial Commitment

According to Willard Harley, a woman in the marriage seeks the financial commitment from her man. She expects her man to be her go-to person for anything related to financials. She requires the commitment from her husband. To have a happy marriage with your lady love you must be committed to her mentally, physically and financially as well. The financial commitment is needed in a marriage and you must give it to your woman in order to keep the marriage balanced and happy.

5. Family Commitment

Family commitment is a necessity for every woman in a marriage. Women being people's person do seek for a family. Family commitment is an important part of love and marriage. This is the top priority for a woman and if not fulfilled the marriage is in danger.

These are the 5 most important things that women seek from men. Provide them with these in the marriage and see how your happiness doubles in the relationship.

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