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Marriage Advice; What Do Men Need From Their Women?

It is easier said than done. Marriage is a work of both the partners and in order to fulfil the desire to be together till the end, both must know the needs of each other. The trust and love in a marriage are essentials. Likewise, there are some requirements that a man has for his woman. What are these? Men don’t open up and speak about these but every man in a marriage seeks these certain things from his woman. Marriage advice might fall short of its glory if it doesn’t express the needs and requirements of each gender in a marriage. “What do men need from their women?”, describes the requirements and needs of men that every married woman should know.

What Do Women Need From Their Men?

These requirements are very subtle in nature but they mean a lot. If you are planning to keep your man happy with you, you might go through the article. I’m certain it will help you in each and every way possible. The way you and your partner are in the marriage might escalate to become a happier marriage.

According to the book, His Needs, Her Needs, written by Willard Harley, these are some of the needs men have for their women.

What Do Men Need From Their Women?

1. Sexual Fulfilment

One of the most important reasons why marriages fall apart is the need for physical intimacy. Every man in a marriage wants his sexual fulfilment to be complete. His fantasies and desires are to be fulfilled. Human beings are sexually active and a man in the marriage expects his spouse to understand his desires.

If you and your partner are newly married and you are not sure how to lure your man to be in love with you forever, you might entwine him in your aura of physical intimacy. A man in love with the partner in the marriage is the best feeling for the woman. If you are looking forward to making your partner happy in the marriage, you might as well learn the sexual desires he has.

It will not only help you in satisfying him but will also give you insights into what type of person your man is. Sexual activity of a man speaks a lot about the behaviour and attitude he normally has towards life and towards the marriage.

2. Recreational Companionship

Every man needs a partner with whom he could share recreational activities. If you want to know your man in a deeper sense, you need to accompany your partner in his recreational activities. Every man wants his wife to be a part of whatever he does and if you are doing it his way, he would be happier with you.

The love that pours in he sees you being a part of his recreational activity he would be glad to make you feel more comfortable than ever. Every man craves for romantic recreational activity and if you are being his companion your marriage is sure to bloom and never fall out of its glory.

3. Attractive Spouse

Human beings are visual and mental creatures. When a man marries he seeks for a woman who is attractive to his eyes. Attraction can be in the form of beauty or can be in the form of brain. All a man wants is someone who is attractive in either way or both. It gives him immense pleasure. This is a general requirement for each and every man you see today. Your partner seeks attraction in any form it can be from you. It is one of the biggest requirements for any man in a marriage.

4. Domestic Support

Your man wants you to be supportive of all that he does and when you give that supports he becomes yours. Domestic support is very necessary for a man. His peace place is a home where his partner resides. You need to know that your man is in constant need of domestic support.

He respects you and becomes more attracted and close to you when you give him the support. In a marriage, love, trust, respect and desire are not everything. These might be the four pillars but when it comes to individual requirement, domestic support becomes one of the top requirements for a man in the marriage.

5. Admiration

The last of all but one of the most sought-after requirements in the early days of a marriage and in later stages too. Men seek admiration from their women before and after marriage. You need to know that your man discreetly needs your admiration even though he doesn’t speak about it openly to you. Your love is not the only thing that gives him admiration.

Speak about his work and how much that means to you, the work he does all day and night. He seeks admiration in the tiniest of thing. That is how he feels his love fulfilled. You need to give your spouse admiration, to make him feel happy in the marriage.

These are the 5 most sought-after requirements of men from their women. If you are sure you are giving these all then be certain your marriage will never fall off the cliff. It will touch the sky with glory. If you didn’t know about these till date, you might as well try to fulfil these requirements from now on.

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