Why Even Married Women Masturbate

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A recent study shocks almost all men. According to it, even married women masturbate! More than 85% of married women admitted it.

And the startling fact is that some of them admitted that they do it at least thrice a week! Another interesting fact is that, most of the married women who work from home engage in self-satisfaction more!

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Most of the men think that only single women has the need to engage in 'self touch'. But when even married women admitted that it is almost a daily ritual, men tend to wonder about the reasons. Here are some facts...


Fact #1

60% of the married women do it as their partners are unable to understand their needs properly. Yes, though all men make love, only a few can understand the needs of women well. That is why the percentage of physically satisfied married women is less.


Fact #2

Some women claimed that they can reach the state of orgasm only through 'self touch' and not through intercourse.

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Though they engage in romance and intercourse with the spouse, they reach the blissful state only when they touch themselves. This is why they continue the habit.


Fact #3

5% of the women said that they indulge in 'self satisfaction' only to get rid of migraine headache! Yes, women who suffer severe headaches can get some relief after a session of self-satisfaction.


Fact #4

Some indulge in 'self touch' to sleep well and combat stress and insomnia after a day's work.

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Fact #5

According to that survey, an average session of 'self-satisfaction' lasts for around 10-12 minutes. And yes, almost all of them said that they can reach orgasm faster when they touch themselves. The reason is: a woman knows better about her body and what gives her pleasure. Not all men are good at locating the pleasure points.


Fact #6

Around 3% of women claim that they indulge in 'self help' only when the spouse is far away due to work reasons or quarrels.

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Fact #7

Most of them admit that 'self satisfaction' improves their moods, frees the mind and also helps them make bed life better with the spouse.


Fact #8

A small percentage of the participants told that they indulge in 'self help' only to fantasise a crush, an ex or a person who is unavailable or inaccessible to them.

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