What Happens If You Don't Marry Till 35?

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Do you know what happens if you don't marry and remain single till the age of 35? Well, you may fall in love with single life and may never feel like marrying.

In a new survey, many unmarried men and women in the age group of 35-40 coming from an urban background admitted that they almost lost the desire to marry anymore.

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Also, things are beginning to change. Today's women are giving marriage second priority. Their first priority is education and career. And some of them say they don't need a man to feel complete.

If human beings get used to certain comfort levels, they may refuse to move ahead, say psychologists. So, let us explore what happens if one stays single till 35.


Fact #1

Any relationship brings some limitations. Such things bind a person. When you get used to living without constraints till 35, would you really be ready to suddenly get married and live with limitations? Doubtful, right?

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Fact #2

Though marriage gives joy at first, it could also bring in stress, burdens, ups and downs.

What if you're single? No stress or burdens! Who would sacrifice the peace by getting married, that too, after living happily for 35 years?


Fact #3

Life is flexible if you're single. If you want to travel, you can. If you want to party, you can. If you want to leave your job and sit at home, you can (if you have savings). Your decisions won't affect anyone if you are single.


Fact #4

If you're single, you will have lots of focus and energy levels to be productive and follow your passions. Will you be able to sacrifice all that after 35?

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Fact #5

If you have been single for too long, you may not really be interested in being controlled by a spouse after marriage.


Fact #6

Once you get used to living happily till 35, you'll hate normal lifestyle of others. This is true especially if you see couples who fight all the time or couples who drag their lives with frustration due to married life problems or couples who cheat each other.

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Fact #7

The best thing about being single is you can date anyone anytime. May be this is one reason why many urban men and women are trying to remain single.

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