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Signs Your Wife Is A Gossip Addict!

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Talking about rumours, or discussing the dirty side of others' private lives is gossiping. Firstly, let us clear certain misconceptions.

Many believe that only women gossip. No, even men do that. But of course, the topics may differ a bit as men are interested in different topics and women like to talk about different topics. So, both the genders gossip.

Secondly, not all gossiping is unhealthy. A slight dose of gossiping can refresh you. You may even get a boost of oxytocin when you bond well with a friend while gossiping. But that's it. If you overdo it, it is sick!

Some people get addicted to gossip. That's dangerous. It may turn into a disorder when you get addicted to the high that talking ill about others' personal lives gives. Now, here are some signs your wife is a gossip addict...


Sign #1

As soon as you go home, she starts telling you stories. About what? About the quarrels of the neighborhood couple! You are not interested.

But she'll still eat your head by telling you about the affairs of her co-workers in her workplace! This is one sign she is addicted to gossip!


Sign #2

She has the habit of exaggerating everything. Blowing things out of proportion gives her a high! She feels good doing that! This is another sign.


Sign #3

Whenever she gets a chance, she gets her friends home. And they all start their gossiping session. Time comes to a standstill! They laugh out loudly and feel like partying after sharing all the dirty stories they know!


Sign #4

When she tells you about the misery of other people, her eyes glow and she seems to enjoy that state of mind!


Sign #5

She is always active on her phone ready to tell something spicy to everyone in her circle. She will never let any incident worth gossiping go out of her notice.


Sign #6

She keeps a tab on everyone's life in her circle. She loves to hear about others' quarrels, drama, in-laws related problems and many such stories that give her daily dose of entertainment.


Sign #7

If anyone posts happy pictures on Facebook, she will quickly logout and feel uneasy! She feels upset for no reason and might start crying saying that her life got miserable.


Sign #8

She will compare her life with others. She complains that everyone is getting rich except you.


Sign #9

Though there are so many other things to feel good, she seems to derive her joy by knowing or speaking about others' personal lives or disorders.

If you see such signs, don't confront her. Try to investigate the root cause of the problem. Generally, people who are dissatisfied about their lives or personalities find gossip as a nice escape. Maybe, she needs help from you. Either take her to a therapist or give her more love to heal. But don't criticise her or confront her. That won't work!

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 14, 2017, 17:30 [IST]
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