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How To Make Your Obese Wife Feel Better About Her Body Image

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It is a fact that more than 80% women tend to be unhappy about their body image. Yes, even some beautiful women undergo that feeling that they are gaining weight.

Instead of letting their insecurity grow beyond proportions, people around them must take measures to make them feel good.

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So, if your wife is gaining weight or feeling bad about her body image, as a husband, you are the first person who needs to take the initiative to make her feel god about herself.

If you pass comments about her body fat or simply ask her to workout more, you will look like another negative force in her world. And its not going to work. First, make her feel good and then try some of the following tips.


Never Compare

"Honey, look at Rima who lives next door. She is so slim though she is of your age". Such a statement would be a blunder. If you ever compare your wife with anyone else, you will lose respect in her heart forever. She will first hate herself and then hate you unconsciously.


Compliment Her Before Suggesting Anything

If you really think that your wife has to lose a few kilos to look good, first tell her how beautiful she is and then ask suggest her that a fitness routine could make her look more beautiful.

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Gift Her With Track Pant And A Pair Of Shoes

Surprise her with a gift. But instead of a normal gift, give something fitness-related like a set of dumbells or a treadmill, or a sweat shirt for exercise or track pants with shoes. That will passively indicate that she has to start working out.


A Beautiful Idea!

On your mobile and your laptop, place her old picture (where she was much slimmer) as wallpaper. Ensure that she looks at you while you are secretly kissing that wallpaper that contains her image. Firstly, she will feel happy. Secondly, her sub conscious mind will understand that she used to look better a few years ago when her weight was less. That might make her workout soon.

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Try To Lift Her

One day, as soon as you come back home after work, run towards her in a happy mood and quickly try to lift her in a romantic way. While lifting her, act as if it was very tough to lift her up and sweat a bit. Act as if you're tired. She will easily understand that she gained weight.


Soothe Her

Whenever she regrets being overweight, console her saying that love and happiness are more important than staying slim. It will at least console her. When people are happy, they will have the mindset to set goals. But if you criticise her, the positive mindset may take a blow and she will never workout. Then you can never lift her till the bed when you are in a romantic mood!

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Start Working Out In Front Of Her

The best way to preach is practicing what you preach. So, silently start working out everyday in front of her. That might also motivate her a bit and she will soon join you. And don't make fun of her when she starts working out. Kiss her and inspire here to do more.

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Story first published: Monday, January 9, 2017, 11:15 [IST]
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