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Don't Marry Him If His Parents Can't Stand You!!

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It isn't easy to think rationally when you are drowned in love. You love him so much so you don't even want to think about anything else before getting married.

But relationships experts say that you shouldn't marry a man especially if his parents can't stand you. Of course, right now, your mind cannot think about anything except marrying your loved one.

Many women think that they will change everything after marriage and things will get better and better. But with time, things ill get worse especially if in laws are against you. Read on to know more...


Reason #1

You will find it difficult to stay with him in his place if his parents can't stand you! Even if you stay separately, every time when your in-laws visit, you feel like walking on egg shells!


Reason #2

Though the best experience in life is when your man says "I love you", the worst experience in life would be when your in-laws treat you like garbage!

This is one problem you might face when his parents can't stand you!


Reason #3

Do you want your husband to get confused about whom to support between you and his parents? This is another problem when his parents can't stand you!


Reason #4

More than 76% of divorces occur due to in-laws harassment in India. Only a small percentage of couples breakup due to other reasons like lack of compatibility, money or love.


Reason #5

80% of the modern day women agreed in a survey that staying single is lot better than staying with ill-treating in laws!


Reason #6

Sooner or later, his parents may brain wash him if they can't stand you. Or he might team up with them to make your life hell.


Reason #7

For a positive and a happy life, a positive outlook is important. For a positive mind, your surroundings should be positive.

When you have conflicts, confrontations, revenge, politics and grudges in your home itself (due to in laws), how can you expect a peaceful life?

That is why relationship experts say that marriage is the wisest decision or the most foolish decision in life.

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Story first published: Sunday, March 5, 2017, 14:55 [IST]
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