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Don't Marry These personality Types

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Marrying isn't a bad idea but marrying someone who may spoil your entire life would surely be one bad idea that would torment you forever.

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Of course, we can never judge people or sense their nature in one meeting. Also, people may change with changing times. In fact, that is why marriages give unpredictable results.

So, here are some types of people who are not to be married. Of course, you don't need to be judgmental but if you find clues that your would-be has serious personality issues, think again. Read on...


A Person Who Lies

If you have realised that the person whom you are planning to marry told you lots of lies and built your whole world on lies, it is better not to marry him or her.


An Opportunist

He or she tries to be with you only when your times are good and may try to avoid when your times are low. Would you like to marry such a person?

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A Narcissist

A narcissist believes that he or she is the center of the whole universe. They may trouble you or abuse you if you don't believe in the illusions that they believe in. So, it is better to keep such a person in distance.


Commitment Phobic

A person who is too scared to even stick with you for a lifetime cannot even be forced to do so. Trying to marry such a person would be waste of efforts.

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A Hypocrite

He says something and does something. His words and actions don't match. But he wears the mask of a gentlemen who never does anything wrong. Why marry such a guy?


An Abusive Person

He or she derives all joy by torturing others. Is it wise to marry such a person and trouble your whole life?

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A Passive Personality

A person who never takes initiative, who isn't proactive and who doesn't even respond to your needs may also be avoided for marriage.

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A Victim

A person who always perceives himself or herself as a victim of circumstances may spend the whole day and whole life complaining or blaming. Would you really like to marry someone who never gathers strength to rise above the evils of the world?


An Addict

And addict's life circles around his addictions. Would you like to get into such a person's life?

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Story first published: Thursday, January 5, 2017, 9:18 [IST]
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