10 Things Strong Women Will Never Do In A Relationship

By Shabana Kachhi

Nowadays, relationships are very frivolous and complicated. People keep falling in and out of relationships every second day. Therefore, we try to take extra efforts in keeping the spark of our relationship alive.

A relationship should be about give and take. Partners should have mutual respect for each other. Trust and understanding is the foundation of any relationship. But some people start taking their significant other for granted.

how do a strong women react when it comes to a relationship

When women are in a relationship, they give their whole and soul to it. Not that men do not work towards making the relationship work, it is just that women are ever ready to go an extra mile to make it work. They hang to even the tiniest of hopes, if left any to stay together. This often gives the men a wrong impression of needfulness.

It is scientifically proven that women are the stronger sex emotionally. Women are much better at handling emotions and in dealing with stressful situations. They may be arrogant, needy or even moody at times; but that is just the other face of them. They are way stronger emotionally.

The strongest nature of women is their sacrifices. They sacrifice many things in life just for their relationship or family. This is often taken into view as women being weak. Sometimes, they stay in a relationship even when they are not happy. But there are certain things which should not be tolerated in a relationship.

When you are in a relationship and find your partner treating you ill, then do not try to cover up your feelings regarding this. Women are never encouraged to speak out their opinions and are always expected to make sacrifices. There are a few things you should never tolerate or do in a relationship.

Here are 10 things that a strong woman should never do in a relationship.


1) Never Keep Numb About Abuse

When your partner starts abusing you physically or mentally, do not try to justify his actions. Whatever the reason may be, abusing you even mentally for no fault of yours will just let you believe that you are the cause of the abuse and this might even lead to depression. So, get out of the relationship once your partner starts abusing you in any way.


2) Never Forgive Him For Infidelity

Many women choose to walk out of the relationship when they find their partners cheating on them. If the case is the same for you, do not hesitate to walk out. A strong woman will never tolerate infidelity. Even if he is promising you that he will never repeat it again, chances are, he probably will.


3) Never Share Financial Details

Though it is good to be honest with each other, you should know where to draw a line. If you are financially independent, it is better to keep your partner away from the details of your bank account or your debit card. It is your hard earned money and should totally be under your control.


4) Never Try To Lie About Your Feelings

If you are not happy about something, make sure to be vocal about it to your partner. Women sometimes expect men to understand their needs without speaking out. Let's just face it - it's never going to happen. Your partner will never know about what is bothering you unless you talk it out.


5) Never Try To Be Too Snoopy

Space is essential in a relationship. It is important for partners to spend time apart from each other too, as it will just make the relationship stronger. Also, if you trust your partner, do not try to bombard him with questions asking his whereabouts all the time. So, the next time your partner is planning for a boys-night-out, let him be...!!!


6) Never Be Too Emotional Or Clingy

Women are emotional by nature and if are in a relationship from a long time, chances are your partner already is familiar with your mood swings. Showing your emotional side all the time to grab attention is just very annoying to some partners. It is also considered as a sign of weakness. Make sure that your partner knows that you are going through an emotional phase and together you can handle it in a mature way.


7) Do Not Insist On Doing Things Your Partner Does Not Like

If your partner is not into romantic movies, take someone else along with you. You can do other things of both your liking if just spending time with your partner is the motive. Forcing upon your partner will eventually make him feel suffocated in the relationship. He might tag along with you just for the heck of it, but might not have a good time.


8) Do Not Tolerate Trust Issues

If your partner is behaving irrationally and is always questioning about your friendship with your male friends or even the reason for your extended work hours, it is a red flag in your relationship. Try to find the cause of his worry and help him get rid of it in order for him to trust you again. If you haven't given him a reason to doubt on you, then this is the sign of excessive possessiveness, which might cause a hurdle in your relationship.


9) Never Be The One To Always Make Sacrifices

If your partner is not willing to let go off a weekend trip with his buddies for a lunch with your folks, then chances are he doesn't take the relationship seriously. Does he expect you to make sacrifices all the time? Do you find yourself giving up on things you love just for him? Then, you certainly know what this means....Wake up and smell the coffee already....It is a sign that he doesn't want the relationship anymore.


10) Never Be A Pile-on

Last but not the least, never ever stay with a person just for the sake of it. Women are mostly not strong enough to break a relationship and they start finding different excuses for their partners' actions. If you think that the spark of the relationship is lost and you are the only one to make it work, it is high time you walk out with dignity. Women also tend to feel that if they stay in the relationship a little longer, their partners might start feeling for them again, but in vain. Never let any man in your life demean or abuse you in any way.

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