Do You Know What Changes After Marriage?

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Marriage is a bonding between two people, two families, two societies, two traditions, which should be handled with care, respect, trust and love.

Getting married and giving someone that lifelong commitment is a huge change in itself, do you agree? Marriage is also one of the biggest steps we all take in life. Along with this big step we have to make certain changes so that the person we tie the knot with is happy and content.

Women are the ones who have to deal with these major changes for men don't have the necessity of waking up early to cook, and they also don't have the need for changing their name! According to relationship experts there are a lot of changes which takes place after marriage.

Here below are some of the main turns which couples have to face after they put the ring on the finger. If you are one of those couples who are newly weds, you will surely relate to this article and on the other hand, it is no surprise to anyone that getting married will change a relationship.


No More Being Single

Once you are married you are no longer single. With this huge commitment you have to take on more responsibilities which no longer involve only you, but your partner as well.


Welcome To Real Life

After marrying that woman or man of your dreams, it is only then your real life begins! Marriage is not at all easy, this knot welcomes you to face the real world where you will see thebest and worst side of your partner.


That Flame Dies Out

It is true that after a year into the marriage the flame which keeps you two together eventually dies out. But, hey! it all depends on the couple to reignite the love and make the marriage work.


Responsibilities Become Important

One of the major changes after marriage is the pile of responsibilities that knock on your door. Both the individuals have to work together and handle the responsibilities without burdening the other.


When The Fights Begin

When two people from different walks of life are united in a bond of matrimony, chances are that they will bicker a lot. You must learn to understand each other more and more each day and learning to accept each other differences too are important.


Your Priorities Change Too

As long as you were single there was no one telling you what to do for you just did what you wanted to do. However, after marriage things change a lot and one of them is your priorities. You have to think about your spouse before you make a decision.


2 Families Become 1

It is only after marriage when two families become one. As a couple you have to look into the needs of both the families and learn to gel in well too.


Your Health Changes Too

Marriage may change your level of activity, your daily schedule, your eating habits, your sexual routine, your alcohol consumption. This is one of the many major changes after marriage you should be ready for.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 16, 2016, 4:00 [IST]
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