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Ways To Know You Are Ready For Divorce


A divorce is not like a break up that comes suddenly and shakes your life. Just like you need to be mentally prepared for marriage, you also need to be mentally prepared for divorce. No one other than you knows if you are really ready for divorce. No matter what are the reasons to end a marriage, it still hurts to go through a divorce.



If you really want to call it quits with your spouse, then you need see if you are ready for divorce. Some signs can help to know if you are ready for divorce. For example, you have no more feelings for your spouse, then it's a sign that you are ready for a divorce. However, your heart still melts with the thought of your first kiss, then something is still left in your marriage.

It can also be that your partner wants a divorce and you don't have a choice but to comply. Answering these simple questions will help you understand if you are ready for divorce. It will also help you understand why you want divorce and if you are right in wanting to end your marriage.


Do You Still Love Your Partner?

If you still feel something for your spouse, then divorce is going to be a difficult option. It is always very hard to leave someone you still love even if it is the right thing to do.


Does Your Divorce Impact Your Children?

If you have children, then divorce always become more difficult. Divorce always has a negative impact on kids. So if you have kids, divorce will become a nasty affair.


Do You Know Why You Want Divorce?

You need to be clear about why you want a divorce. If you want to end your marriage, then it should be for the right reasons. You should not ask for a divorce just because you are bored.


Do You Really Want Divorce Or Are You Just Threatening?

Sometimes, couples use divorce like a threat to teach each other a lesson. If you are just using the threat of divorce to set your partner right, then you better be dead sure that you can handle the consequences if he or she takes it seriously.


Do You Still Want To Try One More Time?

If you slight feel that there is a outside chance that your marriage is going to work, then you should certainly try. It is better to try and fail rather than have regrets that you never tried.


Can You Support The Financial Crisis Followed By A Divorce?

Marriage is a joint investment and a divorce will disrupt your financial situation. If you are not employed and dependent on your spouse for funds, then divorce makes you vulnerable. Ask yourself if you are ready for this situation.


Can You Handle The Consequences Of Divorce?

Divorce doesn't really come easy. You have to go through trying days in the court, allegations, counter allegations and many unpleasant questions. Are you sure you are up for so much unpleasantness?


Are You Ready To Live Alone?

Being married is more like a habit than anything else. You share your bed, your table, your home and your life with another person. So are you really ready to live all alone again?


Are You Angry With Your Spouse?

You must be mature enough to understand that being mad at each other is a normal thing. You cannot end your marriage in a state of anger. It is best to sort out your differences and then take a call when you both are calm.

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Story first published: Monday, September 15, 2014, 18:31 [IST]
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