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10 Reasons Men Still Get Married


Married men are the butt of all jokes these days. Whenever a couple of guys get together, they talk about how much happier they were before they got married. Every time a guy proposes to his girlfriend, his friends treat it like the end of the world. If marriage is such a terrible thing for the male species, why then men even get married. There must be some reasons that men marry women even in this day and age.


We can give you not one but many reasons why men marry. It may seem conventional, but men are still taking the plunge. Everyone gets married eventually as there is a need to settle down somewhere. But there are also some benefits of getting married. A modern day marriage is way above falling in love and settling down. It is often a coldly calculated decision that both men and women take.

In spite of ridiculing marriage, men still take their vows at the altar. So many men would not be getting married unless there was something to it. Here are some of the reasons why men still marry women when marriage is not a social compulsion.


Marriage means more sex

Marriage increases proximity with your wife and this means more sex. At least for the initial years, it is true. And then, sex becomes routine but at least you get some. You don't have to try your luck at the bar every night.


Marriage means more money

The money that you spend on anniversary gifts and an engagement ring will be worth it because you will have an extra income in your family.


Marriage means better insurance offers

Marriage is an investment for the future. It means better insurance policies, more dividends on investments and great holiday packages.


Marriage means freedom from anxiety

You know the feeling you get every time one of your friends posts wedding pictures on Facebook? You can get rid of that anxiety, 'When am I going to get married?' forever.


Marriage means hot dinner on the table

Marriage means hot food on the table every night. You might think that it is a tad bit old fashioned. However, men still want home cooked food for dinner.


Marriage means no more ultimatums

Marriage means that your girlfriend stops giving you ultimatums. You know how women keep telling you; 'If you don't make up your mind about marriage, I am calling it quits'.


Marriage means not dying alone

Marriage is an investment for the future. Marriage means you do not have to die alone and you can get over the fear of being alone.


Marriage makes you interesting to other women

Women have a twisted way of thinking. When one woman has taken the decision to marry you, then you must be a good 'catch'. So other hot girls start taking interest in you after you get married.


Marriage means freedom to grow fat

You can easily stop gyming and drink as much beer as you want. Marriage gives you the freedom to grow fat, ugly and old all at once.


Marriage means genetic eternity

Men may laugh at the social institution of marriage but they still want to pass on their genes. Men still take pride in paternity and that is one of the reasons they do get married.

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Story first published: Friday, June 27, 2014, 21:44 [IST]
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