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Signs You Need To Plan A Baby Now


Having a baby is a decision that affects your marriage in a big way. Many a times, having a baby at the wrong time can ruin your marriage. However, it is also important to have a baby at the right time before it gets too late. There are some signs that you need a baby. You could also say that these are signs that you and your partner are ready for a baby.

A baby strengthens your marriage provided it is planned at the right time. You must recognise your biological and emotional need to have a baby. There are two people in a relationship and only when they are sync can this happen smoothly. Signs you need a baby is something that you both have to spot and recognise at the same time.

Your marriage changes after a baby. But it could also be that your marriage is ready for this change. There comes a stage in every marriage when you can see the signs that you are ready for a baby. For some couples, this can happen when they are married for a year. Others might take 10 years to feel ready. But here are some sure shot signs that you need a baby now.


Both are settled in your careers

You both are settled in your respective careers. You have stable jobs and make enough dough to afford the diapers and school fees. Well, it's baby time for you folks!


You are happy but not complete

You love each other and are happy together. But you feel like there is something missing in your life. A baby is the missing piece of the jig-saw puzzle that is your life.


You both like kids

You both like kids. You do not have to drool over kids, just liking babies is enough to try and have one for yourself.


Your biological clock is ticking away

You are nearing 35 and it is going to get tough conceiving after sometime. You have already started having troublesome periods. So better make hay while the sun shines.


Your marriage is stable

Your marriage can be defined as stable. You don't have constant fights or cold wars. Your relationship basically has a rock solid foundation.


You are done living your extended 'honeymoon'

You need to enjoy the 'romance' part of your marriage before you have kids. Have some romantic getaways, surprise parties and extended 'honeymoon' vacations before you plan kids.


You want to slow down now

You have done enjoying the wild side of life. You have been to parties and danced till the morning. Now you want to hang up your dancing shoes and slow down. Well, its time to start a family.


You both have an excellent rapport

You and your partner make a great team. You can cook together, handle housework together and even work around each other's schedules. Parenting is a team job and you need to be great teammates to be good parents.


You like your life but you want more from it

You like the way your life is going. You have a happy marriage and a good career but that doesn't seem enough any more. May be your womb craves some genetic seeds!

Story first published: Wednesday, August 6, 2014, 7:01 [IST]
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