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8 Things To Never Say If Spouse Loses Job


Life is always full of ups and downs. You might have married someone who is settled in his/her career just like you are. You might also have to quit your job after you get married or have a baby because your spouse has a stable job.

However, there might come a day when your spouse loses his/her job. In such situations, we panic and invariable say the wrong things. The things you say when your spouse loses his/her job will scar your relationship forever.


When your spouse loses his/her job, it is time to be the pillar of strength. This crisis is the test of your relationship. If you get agitated and accuse your spouse for being unemployed, then he/she will lose respect for you. Your spouse will invariable get a job and when he/she does have a good job, they will not forget the harsh words that have come out your mouth.

Financial hardships lead to fighting about money in relationships. After becoming unemployed, you spouses loses his/her temper very easily too. But you must make concessions for this because he/she is on the defensive for obvious reasons.

Here are some things that you will be tempted to say when your spouse loses his/her job. But you must curb yourself and not speak them out loud.


Oh my god! How will we manage?

That is what a voice inside your head will be screaming when the bad news is broken to you. But you must hold yourself together and say, 'It's not such a big deal, we will pull through.'


Didn't you see this coming?

Well, if he or she had seen this coming, then they would not get fired. Even if your spouse did see it coming, may be he or she was too ashamed or scared to tell you.


How much do you have in your bank?

Whatever be the figure, it is not important now. You must plan your future finances in such a way that you don't touch your savings. Besides, you shouldn't hurt your spouse by saying such a thing.


You don't take financial decisions any more!

Just because you are the breadwinner of the family now, it does not mean that your partner does not have any right to talk about the finances. Remember that you could have been in your spouse's shoes easily.


At least do the housework properly

It is true that your partner is now sitting at home but telling him/her to do all the house work would be digging in their unemployed status. It is in extremely bad taste.


This is why you lost your job

After your spouse loses his/her job, he or she will be prone to lose their temper very soon. So when you two are bickering about some other issue, don't hit below the belt by using his/her job situation.


You are feeding off my money!

Once you are married, there is no such thing as your money and my money. Everything that you earn is 'ours'. So don't label your partner as dependent because that would really hurt.


Get a job first

When you both are working, you will hardly get any time to take holidays. But if your partner suggests that you take a break when he/she gets laid off, you are likely to react like this. You should actually take that break so that your partner feels better.

Story first published: Friday, September 5, 2014, 20:29 [IST]
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