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How To Win Over Your Mother In Law?

Mother in laws are like extra fat, its a perpetual problem if you can't watch what you eat! Now if you are married then 9 times out of ten you will have a mother in law. If you have a have a mothers in law, them 10 times out of ten you will have problems with your mother in law. To win in a marriage you have to win over your mother in laws but remember do so tactfully. It is a brutally honest saying that two women cannot stay together peacefully because they would constantly try to win over each other. Women can submit to their husbands, sons and brothers but never to another woman.

Here are some tips to help you win in your marriage over your mother in law.

Tips To Win Over Mother In Laws:

  • Silence is the best policy. When it comes to your mother in laws you have to stop asking yourself and others any question beginning with 'why'. Why doesn't she like me or why doesn't she quit are all unnecessary questions to which you will never get any answers. Remain silent, truth doesn't always pay and one who cannot speak has no enemies.
  • Let your actions speak. You need not get into any verbal confrontation with your mother in law but that doesn't mean you let her have her way. Nod to all she says but do exactly what you have to do. She will get the message eventually.
  • Test waters and then dive. You have to understand the psychology of your mother in law before you decide your strategy to deal with her. If your mother in law has problems of being hyper reactive and making scenes then you have to be sternly quiet around her.
  • Get her son to become your 'husband'. What is the bone of contention between you and your mom in law, your husband and her son. To win in marriage you have to have your husband on your side and if you can manage that then she has already lost. Always remember blood is thicker than water, so never explicitly criticize your mom in law in presence of your husband. Let him judge for himself and he will make the right choice.
  • Take charge of the kitchen. The one who owns the kitchen owns the house and that is the biggest conflict in your marriage to win. Gradually replace your mother in law in the kitchen. She may resist so make it a slow process but your hard work will pay off.
  • Butter father in law. You father in law is the one man in the family who can be won over to your side easily. He is probably as harassed by your mother law as you. So stay in his good books and make a strong ally.

Use these relationship tips to win the perpetual battle with your mother in laws.

Story first published: Monday, December 19, 2011, 17:36 [IST]