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Treating A Verbal Abusive Marriage!

Love is not always a bed of roses! In many relationships today, the one thing that both the partners fear is that if their spouse will turn out to be abusive!

Being with an abusive partner does not make you feel happy so therefore there is only two ways out. You either leave your partner or you find it in your heart to forgive and forget! But, we live in a society where divorce is actually piling up and the main reason is because the marriage was 'abusive'.

This whole abusive marriage came to mind when I had visited my friend's home the last evening and I was shocked to see her sitting in the corner and listening to her husband talk to her in a dirty manner. After I intervened, he walked out of the house leaving me with a profound look.

Still shocked over the situation and seeing my friend in tears at the corner of the room, the first thing I told her to do was to leave him! With tears in those glassy eyes, she said she wanted too but couldn't as she was three months pregnant.

A verbal abusive marriage causes emotional distress because the person is affected mentally. Advising my friend, I told her that being in a verbal abusive marriage will only cause distress to the child in her womb. The only thing for her to do according to me in order to get out of this verbal abusive marriage is to talk to her husband when he is calm and tell him what this behavior is doing to her and his child, if that doesn't help, he needs to see a relationship therapist of a doctor, as being an abuser is a mental sickness and not a habit!

Verbal Abusive marriages can be controlled and completely stopped if there is some sort of understanding between the two partners. In my friend's situation, she needs to have self control as it is important when it comes to dealing with an abusive husband and the next best way to deal with her verbal abusive marriage is to stop seeing herself as a victim and learn to have the power within to suppress it every time it erupts!

Let your inner voice take control of you when your abusive husband stands before you ready to throw words at your face and eventually you will see the difference on his face, when you raise your voice.

Story first published: Wednesday, April 13, 2011, 14:37 [IST]
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