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Abusive Marriages Are Piling Up

By Super

A marriage is not only about bringing together two families and then trying to make things work. Taking a look at some of the couples lives this year, most of the marriage problems I have seen is that they have turned thier union into abusive marriages.

Whether physical, emotional or verbal abuse, wives and husbands are a part of them and thus this ends in bitter divorces. According to a friend of mine , he said that marriage counseling only makes it worse! He and his wife Rosa and now divorced and seem to be much happier than before. Though they were having a lot of misunderstandings and abuses in their marriage, they are still good friends because their children are involved.

There are different types abusive marriage ,the three common types is the emotional abuse which is supposed to be the most painful one, Physical abuse and verbal abuse. Women are the main victims to abuses, but times have changed and men too are falling prey to these marriage problems!

Why is there abuse in a marriage?

It is said that the main reason for Abusive Marriage is due to the failure in compatibility that the couple have. Things change and so do people! Men abuse their wives due to ego problems, they feel that women should bow down to them and pay heed to everything they say which women are not ready to do. Women on one hand become the abusers when husbands show negligence in the marriage and since they cannot control their feelings, abuse in the marriage tends to happen.

What To Do In a Abusive Marriage?

In every home there are marriage problems and one needs to take control of it separately. Marriage counseling can be the first option to help you out , but many say that marriage counseling does not work for them. No harm in trying though! Another solution is protection and giving each other's space to come out of the abusive feeling, the last option is divorce!

These are the only three ways of making or breaking the formation of an abusive marriage.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 24, 2011, 10:45 [IST]
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