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Why Men Opt For Domestic Violence?

By Priya Devi

We may have put the status of women on the pedestal but a glimpse into reality, shows a different story. Male chauvinism still exists and if it at any point of time hurted, men usually are reported to use violence to restore their lost power, according to a University of Granada study.

The study also found that women threatened of their husbands violent behavior on their ignoring traditional role opt for forgoing equality in exchange for security.

Prof. M Carmen Herrera EnrÍquez, says,“ many men feel threatened by the change that their relationship with women has undergone. They are unable to understand their relationship with women in terms of equality despite the prevailing social rules".

The research employed a psycho-social perspective based on two factors: sexism and power imbalance in marriage.

Precisely the author"s purpose was to get a more thorough insight and so she tried to investigate to what extent men"s perception of losing power may be a cause of gender violence.

She came to the conclusion that it is not only about lost power but also the social context that influence men's behaviour. Most of the men have the feeling that a minor submition to his wife, will make him outcast in the men's world. To show the world that his wife listens to him and that the family is ruled by him boosts his ego.

This study talks about a selective set of men but these men do not always opt for violence. Till the time he is the master of the house, he can be one of the most loving husband.
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Story first published: Friday, April 9, 2010, 14:29 [IST]
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