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Know What Is An Ambivalent Relationship And Its Signs

People get into relationships to gain contentment, love and support from someone they have romantic feelings for. There are some people who go through a toxic and abusive relationship. For these people, getting out of such a relationship can be a good step. But what about someone whose relationship is neither toxic nor a healthy one? Well, if you are in such a relationship, or you have mixed feeling for your partner, then you must be going through a confusing phase in your life. You may want to walk out of the relationship, but then you remember how sweet and caring your partner is.

Such relationships are known as ambivalent relationships. It is basically a relationship in which one of the partners is uncertain about his or her feelings for the other partner. In order to understand ambivalent relationships better scroll down and read:

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What Is Ambivalent Relationship

Before understanding what is an ambivalent relationship, you need to know that ambivalent is an adjective which means "having contradictory thoughts or mixed feelings for someone or something." If you are ambivalent towards your partner, you might not be able to decide whether you want to stay in the relationship or not.

It is obvious for you to feel emotionally connected to your partner. But at times you may think that you deserve someone better and therefore, you should look for someone else. However, you are unable to leave your partner and thus, you become frustrated and anxious.

For example, you may feel happy for the way your partner cares for you and does things to make you feel special. But at the same time, you dislike some of the aspects of your relationship and look forward to ending it. The moment you decide to call it off, you are stopped by the thought of the generous and caring behaviour of your partner. These mixed emotions then make you feel frustrated and put you in a bad state of mind as the relationship neither makes you happy nor lets you part ways.

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Signs That You Are In An Ambivalent Relationship

1. You crave for love but fear it: You admire the idea of falling in love with someone and being in a relationship. But at the same time, you fear to fall in love with someone. You feel that falling in love may bring sorrow in your life. However, you never stop yourself from finding a suitable partner.

2. You had only casual relationships: One of the signs of being in an ambivalent relationship is that you never dated someone for a long time and had only casual relationships. When your current partner gets serious about you and begins to plan a future with you, things get frustrating for you.

3. You have become critical towards your partner: Initially, you used to think that your partner is the best in the world and nobody else could have been a perfect match for you. But eventually, you have become quite critical towards your partner and now you no longer find anything good in him or her. However, you are unable to point out these flaws as you feel this may hurt your partner.

4. You are quite confused about your relationship: While you started dating your partner, you expected to receive love. However, after some time you may feel that you want fun in your relationship. Every time you achieve something in your relationship, you feel you were looking for something else or something more than what you have.

4. You have 'on and off relationship': It is actually a situation where you break-up and patch-up with your partner after almost every fight. Both of you have gone through several breakups and patch-ups. While you break up with your partner, you feel happy for ending the relationship but then you tend to get back into the same relationship, only to look forward to ending it again.

5. You do not share emotional intimacy with your partner: Since you are already confused about your feelings towards your partner, you do not share a deep emotional intimacy with him or her. You have a sexual intimacy, which makes you feel that both of you are connected but then you do not find emotional connection in your relationship.

6. You do not want to include your partner in your plans: There are times when you feel happy for sharing your time with your partner, but then at times, you avoid including him or her in some of your plans. For example, you do not want your partner to stay around you while you are with your friends or family.

7. You want more freedom and space in your relationship: Even though your partner isn't clingy and gives you space, you look for more space and freedom. In fact, there are times when you hate sharing your whereabouts with your partner.

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If you relate to one or more of these signs, then instead of worrying you can find a middle ground where you and your partner can do things to make the relationship a healthy and happy one. This will not only make things easier for you but will also provide you mental peace.

Story first published: Friday, December 27, 2019, 12:20 [IST]
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