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Valentine's Week 2022: 10 Tips To Keep In Mind Before Proposing To Your Partner

You may go down on your knees and propose to your partner for once, but the memories will stay for a lifetime. This is Valentine's week and when it comes to proposing to your partner, we cannot accept anything less than perfect.

On 8 February, Propose day is celebrated and what can be better than making your relationship official in this season of love?

We have listed 10 dos and don'ts to make your proposal perfect. Browse through the article to read them:

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1. Clear Your Doubts Beforehand

If you are about to propose your partner then make sure that they are aware of your feelings for them. Because either it will be a pleasant experience for them or a shocking one. Even if you are head over heels in love with him or her, it is important that you know their feelings for you. Also, try to find out or understand whether you and your partner are on the same page or not.


2. Find Out If Your Partner Wants A Picture Perfect Proposal

If your partner is ready to take the relationship forward, then it is essential that you know the kind of proposal they are dreaming of. will It can be a simple or a grand one but if you are a relationship with them then it is easy to know their taste. Plan your proposal accordingly and they will cherish this moment forever.


3. Bring Out Your Creative Talent

Once you are aware of the kind of proposal your partner will like, be creative and make it a memorable experience for them. Love will be in the air but it will be quirky to add a fun element to it. If your partner loves beaches, you can organise a flash mob in the market place or decorate your place with flower petals and candles. If your partner is a foodie, then you cook some interesting recipes for them and hide rings in one of the food items.


4. Avoid Copying Ideas From Other Couples

Google doesn't have all the answers and yes every love story is special no matter what people say about both of you. So, stop copying what other couples are doing and stick to your true emotions. How about writing a letter and proposing them? And no, not all women find diamonds as their best friend. So, rings are also not necessary when it comes to proposing your partner.


5. Do Not Have Too Many Expectations

Love is a beautiful thing and therefore, no doubt that you will be excited while proposing to your partner. If it is a marriage proposal and your partner is not ready then don't feel disheartened. You must have heard of a famous saying that goes by, "To err is human". Therefore, if things do not go as expected, use your presence of mind to deal with the situation.


6. Take The Help Of Your Friends

You are not alone in this world and there are beautiful people who can step up when you need help. Yes, we are talking about your friends. You can ask them to help you with the theme and arrangement of the proposal. Share your plans with them and you won't regret it. Also, if you wish to propose your partner in the presence of your family and friends, you can organise it accordingly.


7. A Tinge Of Nostalgia

Instead of taking her to an expensive restaurant, why not take them to a place where you both first met. When there is nostalgia in the air and beautiful memories in your hearts, proposing your partner will make so much sense. The venue can be your home or a place far away but should be close to both of your hearts.


8. Keep All The Important Things Handy

Before proposing to your partner ensure that you have all the necessary items with you. A ring is obviously the most important thing when you propose your partner. Therefore, if you are all set to surprise your partner through a surprise proposal, you can finalise a beautiful ring and a flower bouquet. Well, rings are not mandatory but what matters the most in a relationship is true feelings for each other, love and mutual understanding.


9. Practice Well Before 'The Big Day'

Practice your lines before you propose to your partner. Write down all your feelings so that you remember everything you ever wanted to say to your partner. We are sure that you are looking forward to being vocal about your emotions so do it properly and will a lot of emotions. You can sing a song or write a poem to express your love and gratitude to your partner. Also, you know practice makes a man perfect, so hoe about some rehearsals? Little drafting will certainly help and yes confidence in the key always.


10. Speak Your Heart Out

When you are finally on your knees, you need to speak whatever is in your heart. Let your partner know how deeply and truly you love him or her. You can also make some promises. While you are speaking, just try to be yourself and speak your heart out. Even if you feel people are judging you, just chuck the thoughts and focus on your partner and the proposal.

We hope you propose your partner in a very romantic and memorable way. All the best to you and we hope your relationship strengthens in the coming years.

Everyone enjoys a good love story and we are elated to listen to yours.
Happy Valentine's Day to everyone who believes in the power of love!

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