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Valentine's Day 2020: 21 Gift Ideas To Surprise Your Partner Or Spouse

The most romantic week of the year is almost here and we thought that you can do much more for your partner or spouse apart from sending cards or a bouquet of flowers.

It is not only Valentine's Day that holds the importance among the couples. In fact, Valentine's Week starts from 7 February and goes till 14 February. Couples celebrated the entire week with each other and do things to strengthen their relationship. If you are looking for heartfelt gift ideas this Valentine's week to surprise your partner/spouse, then scroll down this article:


1. A Gorgeous Watch

A great watch never fails to impress anyone no matter what the occasion is. The moments you both spent together are definitely precious for both of you. No one can freeze time, but keeping a track of time will certainly help your partner to stay organised. These days there are several kinds of watches that you can choose from. We are sure your partner will like it and thank you from the bottom of their heart.


2. A Gym Membership

Everyone wants to stay fit and healthy. You can ensure the same for your partner or spouse. All you will need is buy him or her the membership of a good gym and motivate your partner for heading to the gym.


3. A Personalised Ceramic Coffee Mug

If your partner or spouse loves sipping hot coffee while doing their work, then a good coffee mug can be a nice gift option. You can choose an attractive ceramic cup design and get it personalised for your partner or spouse. These days there are varieties of coffee mug available online and are quite affordable.


4. A Wooden Carving Photos

If you are looking for something extremely romantic yet affordable, then wooden carving photographs can be really a nice option. You will have to ask the vendor to engrave the picture of your spouse or partner. In case, you are willing to add a romantic message for him or her, you can ask for the same. You can order it from e-commerce sites as well.


5. Health Insurance

Going for health insurance can also be a nice gift option on this Valentine's Day. God forbid if your partner/spouse suffers from an acute illness or any mishaps. then he or she can be benefited from medical insurance. Medical insurance will ensure that your partner or spouse is receiving the best medical care.


6. Subscription Of Video Streaming Digital Partner

If your partner is a movie buff then nothing else will make them happy. Subscription of video streaming digital platforms will help them to keep themselves entertained. So, how about surprising your Valentine by giving him or her a yearly subscription to one of these platforms?


7. A Sturdy Laptop Bag

Carrying a laptop can be difficult at times but you can make sure it is no more a big issue for your partner or spouse. For this, you can choose a nice and durable laptop bag for him or her and gift the same in this season of love. These days, you can easily find a wide range of laptop bags on e-commerce sites.


8. Bluetooth Earphones

If your love interest is a music lover and can't spend a day without listening to music, then you can buy Bluetooth earphones for him or her. These are quite easy to carry and unlike wired earphones, these will save your partner/spouse from the pain of detangling the wires.


9. A Beautiful Phone Case Or Cover

Undoubtedly, phones have become an integral part of our lives. Nobody will ever want to see the sight of their phone hitting the ground and breaking its screen. Therefore, this Valentine's Day you can think of buying a durable phone case for your partner or spouse. You can personalise it for your partner/spouse.


10. An Interesting Story Book

If your partner is a bookworm then nothing can make them happier than getting hold of a good book. Ask them whether they like fiction or non-fiction books and gift them accordingly. Also, you cannot go wrong with an old classic novel f you don't know their choice.

Valentine's Gift Ideas For Boyfriend/Husband


11. Hair Gel

At times you must have seen your Mr. Right fixing his hair and trying to ensure they are perfectly styled. In such a case, you can think about gifting hair gel to him. You can choose a suitable gel depending on his hair and preferences. There are various hair gel brands available both in the market and on e-commerce platforms.


12. Perfume And Deodorants

Perfumes and deodorants are one of the most used things by the boys, though the same goes for women as well. This Valentine's Day, if you are thinking to surprise your boyfriend/husband with something useful and budget-friendly, then you can for a perfume or deodorant. Rest, you can be assured as he will surely love this gift.


13. A Play-station

If your boyfriend/husband is dying to have a play-station then you can surprise him with the same. He will be extremely excited and happy to receive such a wonderful gift on Valentine's Day. Both of you can then have a competition and enjoy playing different games with each other.


14. A Nice Wallet

Another useful gift that you can choose for your boyfriend/husband is a nice wallet. A nice wallet will help your boyfriend/husband to keep his cash and cards safely. These days there are varieties of wallets available on the e-commerce sites that you can choose from.


15. Wrinkle-Free Shirts

If your man is always in a hurry and often forgets to press his shirts, then how about surprising him with a wrinkled free shirt? These are impeccably tailored shirts that will let your man walk in confidence even if he hasn't pressed his shirt. For this, you can choose to buy his favourite coloured shirts.


16. A Fancy Trimmer

Trimmers are an all-time favourite for men as it helps them in keeping their stubble in perfect size and shape. In addition to this, they use it for their body hair too and hence, it can be extremely useful for your boyfriend/husband. In case, you are worried about which brand to go for, you can refer to e-commerce sites as well.

Valentine's Gift Ideas For Girlfriend/Wife


16. Hair Spa Coupons

For women, their hair is one of the most prized assets and therefore, they are always on their toes to give the best care to their hair. So if you are looking for ways to surprise your girlfriend/wife on this Valentine's Day then, you can gift her some hair spa coupons.


17. An Exotic Beauty Kit

If your lady love is fond of cosmetics, then what are you waiting for? You can always surprise your wife or your girlfriend by gifting her some exotic and good quality cosmetics. You can gift her a beautiful beauty kit or keep it simple by gifting her, her favourite lip shade or eye shadow palette. There are numerous options from, which you can choose a perfect gift for your lady love.


18. A Quirky Scarf

Teaming a quirky scarf will a beautiful attire will surely lift your style quotient. In order to ensure your woman's hair and skin is safe from pollution and heat, you can think of gifting her a scarf. Even if your woman has numerous scarves, she will find the one gifted by you to be extremely special and close to her heart. You can go for some soft fabric and light colours to ensure she feels comfortable while wearing the scarf.


19. An Extraordinary Handbag

Women love to match their outfits with their handbag. You be always wondering about the things your woman carries in her handbag. So this Valentine's Day you can think of gifting her a handbag which is not only spacious but is of good quality and is easy to carry. After receiving this wonderful gift, she will thank you for a hundred times from the bottom of her heart.

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20. A Comfy pair of heels

In case, you are looking forward to impressing your lady love with some unique Valentine's Day gift, then you can buy a pair of heels for her. While you are purchasing heels for her, make sure it is comfortable and is cushioned around the toes. You don't have to buy a sophisticated and expensive pair of heels. In fact, an ordinary pair of heels, which is quite comfy to wear will definitely woo your woman.


21. Stylish Lingerie

A stylish and comfortable piece of lingerie is definitely a woman's friend. In case, if you are planning for spending some cosy and private moments with your lady love, then you can gift her a nice and comfortable lingerie set and you will surely win her heart. She is definitely going to love this.

Story first published: Thursday, February 6, 2020, 12:36 [IST]
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