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Valentine's Day: What Do The Different Colours of Roses Mean? Which Rose To Gift To Your Valentine?

Rose Day, the first day of Valentine Week is finally here. Every year the day is celebrated on 7 February. People exchange roses with their partners to celebrate this day. Though a red rose is the traditional flower for Valentine Week, especially on Rose Day, people often give different colours of roses to their love interest.

You may think that a rose symbolises love which is true. But do you know that a specific colour rose can have a different meaning than other roses? At times, you may wonder about the meaning behind the different colours of roses. To help you with this, we are with the meaning. Read on.


1. Red Rose

Red roses are considered to be the most traditional roses for Valentine's Week celebration. They are easily available and are preferred by people of different age groups. If you are wondering what does a red rose symbolise, then it is associated with love, passion, beauty, perfection and romance. In fact, deep red roses represent ethereal beauty and humility.


2. Orange Rose

Orange roses are quite beautiful. Their vibrant and soothing colour are something difficult to resist. Giving an orange rose to someone is a good thing as it said that the orange rose represents excitement, passion, life and energy. So, if you want to give a rose to someone who is irresistible and full of energy and passion, then you can surely go for orange roses.


3. White Rose

Who wouldn't love the scene of white roses? After all, these are not only beautiful in appearance but also seem to be calm and serene to those who look at it. Couples are sometimes seen giving each other white roses during Valentine Week. Talking about the meaning of white roses, they represent tranquility, innocence, purity, humility and grace. They also represent surrender.


4. Pink Rose

Pink roses are quite common and are widely preferred by people. In fact, you will find pink roses on different occasions. If you are concerned about the hidden meaning behind a pink rose, then it is said to represent femininity, elegance, admiration and appreciation. So, giving a pink rose to your beloved is one of the nicest ways of expressing your admiration and appreciation for that person.


5. Yellow Rose

The colour yellow symbolises friendship, joy and purity. Talking about yellow coloured roses, these flowers represent the valuable friendship between two friends. Not only this, but when you give a yellow rose to someone, it shows your affection for that person. So, if you are beginning a friendly bond with someone, or want to make your sweet friend feel special and loved, then you can surely give a yellow rose to that person.


6. Lavender Rose

Though lavender roses are a rare sight, they are really beautiful. Giving lavender roses to your love interest or someone who's special to you, shows that you are enchanted by him/her. Lavender roses tell that you are intoxicated by someone's love and truly into them. Not only this, but a very few people know that lavender roses represent love at first sight. So if you were attracted to your partner just at the first sight, then you can surely give that person a lavender rose.


7. Peach Rose

As we know peach is a colour that seems quite modest and serene. You may not know this but peach roses represent gratitude, modesty and sincerity. You can surely give a peach rose to your special one, if you want to express your gratitude to him/her. You can also show your sincerity for your relationship by giving a peach rose to him/her.


8. Salmon Rose

Those who don't know, salmon roses are a blend of orange and peach colour roses. These are extremely beautiful and soothing to see. Salmon roses usually symbolise budding relationship, enthusiasm and zeal. So if your relationship is in the budding phase and you really want to let your love interest know about your feelings, then giving salmon roses to him/her can be a great choice.


9. Dark Pink Rose

Dark pink roses could be one of the best flowers that you can give to your love interest on this rose day. The flower represents gratitude and appreciation. So if you want to express your gratitude to your partner and appreciate him/her for being a good and loving soul, then burgundy roses could be a great option.


10. Burgundy Rose

Burgundy roses represent passion, unconscious beauty and love. Giving a burgundy rose to someone means you are expressing your love and passion for that person. So if you are shy to express your feelings through words, then you can think of giving a burgundy rose to your love interest.

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