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Valentine’s Day 2022: Adventurous Things To Try With Your Partner

Valentine's Day is no doubt one of the most romantic days of the year. It would not be wrong to say that it is a festival of love for couples. They wait for this day eagerly and when the day arrives, they dedicate it to the love of their life.

After all, Valentine's Day is all about expressing your love to someone you love. Usually, couples do things such as exchanging greeting cards, giving flowers, chocolates to each other and going on date nights. They often come up with new ideas to express their love for each other.

So, if you are also planning to celebrate Valentine's Day with your partner but want to try something new and adventurous, then we have got many ideas for you. Scroll down to read more.


1. Watch Play At A Theatre

Watching plays at the theatre can be a beautiful experience for you on Valentine's Day. This is because you will get to see artists possessing some real talent. You can get to see some exceptional plays that you may not find on television or in movies.


2. Adopt A Pet

If your partner loves having pets, then why not surprise your partner by giving him/her a cute pet? It could be anything such as a pup, kitten, hamster, bird, etc. All you need to do is figure out what your partner would love to have as a pet. After that, you can get him/her a healthy and adorable pet. Trust us, your partner's happiness will know no bounds.


3. Participate In Pottery

Making pottery items can be another beautiful thing that you can do this Valentine's Day. Even if you are not that good at making pottery items, you can at least go to a place where you and your partner can try your hands at the same. You can then make a few cute items such as a pot, glass, bowl, etc. You can then keep these items to cherish the memories associated with them.


4. Head To A Concert

Going to a concert and enjoying live music is no doubt one of the best things that you can do on this Valentine's Day. All you need to do is book tickets and surprise your partner by taking him/her to the concert. You can also think of going to the concert of your partner's favourite artist. By doing so, you will surely have a great Valentine's Day.


5. Go To A Cricket Or Football Match

For those who are sports lovers or are dating a sports lover, can try enjoying a cricket, basketball or football match. If any of you find sports to be a boring thing, then you need to know that watching a match happening right before you is a wonderful experience. You will surely enjoy watching it with your partner. Also, you can cheer for your favourite team.


6. Take A Bike Ride Around The City

If you really want to try something exciting with your partner while staying in your city, then taking a bike ride around your city, can be a great thing. You can either hire two separate bikes for both of you or enjoy the ride on your own bikes. With some snacks and enough water to drink, you can begin your ride. You can also try competing with each other to see who wins!


7. Enjoy A Scenic Train Journey

You may have had plenty of train journeys. But what if we ask you to have a scenic train journey? If you think we are talking about the same train journey that people take between cities and states, then no we aren't talking about that. In fact, we mean to talk about the journeys that are located in some hill stations. We bet you that you will definitely love taking these beautiful train journeys.


8. Go For A Hot Air Balloon Ride

A hot-air balloon ride is no doubt a wonderful thing to do. If you have always admired watching couples taking the hot-air balloon ride in movies and series, then it is time for you. Think about the situation wherein you and your partner could say some romantic things and spend some good time while enjoying the balloon ride above the city.


9. Spend A Day At Any Amusement Park

If you have always loved the idea of visiting an amusement park and taking a few rides, then this Valentine's Day, you can surely visit one of those parks. Though it may sound a bit childish to you, it will really give you some beautiful experiences. This is because, these days there are plenty of things for adults in those amusement parks. In fact, you will find yourself genuinely happy after coming from the amusement park.


10. Go For Couple Spa Therapy

Getting a couple spa therapy can be one of the other soothing yet enjoyable things that you can try this Valentine's Day. Just book tickets for yourself and the love of your life. After that both of you can relax and chill while taking the spa and massage therapy together.


11. Head To A Rock Climbing Park

Just because you can't do mountain-climbing in real life, doesn't mean you need to feel sorry for yourself. You can at least try rock climbing in a park. Look around your city, there could be one or two parks that provide rock climbing adventure. Just take your partner with you and enjoy doing the same with him/her.


12. Go For Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is no doubt one of the adventurous things that you can do on this Valentine's Day. At first, you may fear but trust us, you will definitely enjoy bungee jumping with your partner. In fact, you will have it as a memory that you could cherish forever.


13. Enjoy The Thrill Of Paragliding

If you have always wanted to enjoy the bird view of a city, then going for paragliding can be one of the best things. Your partner may not agree to this in the first place. But then if you really want to try something adventurous on this Valentine's Day, then you can convince your partner for this.

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